• Adventures with Bongo


    Bongo loves to monkey around with our 1st graders!


    Every Friday, one student will bring Bongo home so they can spend an exciting weekend together.  Everyone will have a turn to spend the weekend with Bongo! Please be sure to tell us what you did together by adding an entry to our class book—Adventures with Bongo.  Write your name on the very next blank page in Bongo’s book. Have an adult help you write at least two or three sentences about your adventures with Bongo. We would love to see some illustrations or photos from your weekend too! Please do not write more than the fronts and backs of five pages; otherwise, there won’t be enough room for everyone to share their stories in our class book!


    Please take good care of Bongo! Monkeys like to have a lot of fun. They can sometimes get into trouble. Make sure Bongo listens to you and doesn’t get into too much trouble.


    Have a terrific weekend together! See you both on Monday!
    Have fun!