• Words to Know

    We learn many new words in second grade. Many of these words are difficult to sound-out, so daily practice will help your child to instantly recognize them and to feel successful in developing reading and writing skills.

    It is also important that learning is fun!  As you practice the words, try out some of the activities below.  Of course you can always make up your own activities or find others on the web.  Let me know about any good ideas you have!

    Traditional Flashcards

    See how quickly your child can name each word on the flashcards.  Make a pile of words that are more difficult for your child and spend extra time reviewing these.


    Give each player a 4x4 or 5x5 grid on a sheet of paper.  Write a different spelling word in each square of the grid.  Make sure all the grids have the sight words in different places!  Also write the spelling words on slips of paper.  Randomly select a slip of paper and read the word or have your child read it.  Use pennies or other small objects to cover the words on the grids as they're read.  See who can cover all the words in one row or column first!


    Make two cards with each spelling word you want to practice.  Place the cards face down on the floor and take turns turning over cards two at a time.  Try to find cards that match.  When you find a match you must read the spelling word before taking those two cards and having another turn.

    Match word cards to words in a book

    After reading a story together, reread it with the purpose of finding and matching spelling word cards to words in the book.

    Create sentences

    Use spelling word cards to create sentences.  Silly sentences are our favorites in class! :)


    5 Clues

    Lay spelling word cards face up on the floor or on a table.  Without telling your child, randomly select a spelling word.  Give your child clues about the word you've selected.  For example, "This word begins with the sound /b/," or "This word ends with the sound /th/," or "This word has the small sight word 'in' hiding inside of it."  Give your child time between each clue to guess the spelling word.  If your child can guess and read the spelling word with 5 clues then he/she can keep that card.  If it takes more than 5 clues, you keep the card.

    Word Sorts

    Sort spelling word cards in all different ways.  You could sort by beginning letters, ending letters, words with the same vowel, etc.  Have your child think of creative ways to sort the words.  To make it more fun and challenging, take turns sorting the words without telling what criteria you're using to sort.  Then have the other player try to figure out what makes the words in each group similar!

    Go on a Word Hunt

    Besides books, where else can you find spelling words?  This is even more fun if you dress up!  Some things to "help" you find words are silly glasses, a detective hat, magnifying glass, or a magic wand.  In class the students also love borrowing a clipboard and paper to write the words they find.

    Word Chants

    Getting your whole body involved in saying spelling words is fun!  While saying and spelling each letter of our words we'll jump, punch, kick, spin, touch our toes, blast off, and use our fingers to "sky write."