I would like to congratulate everyone for making the 2013CRN Field Hockey team. Below are the team rules, please review them.  If you have any questions, please do nothesitate to ask.

    1.      TeamGoals– Our team goals this year are to field the most competitivepossible.  Our league and District 1boast some of the most competitive teams in all of Pennsylvania.  Does that mean that our philosophy is “win atany costs”; absolutely not.  Our goal isfor each player to play to the best of her ability at all times, improve hergame, and have fun.  The camaraderie youexperience and bond you build with your teammates will last a lifetime. 

    2.      TEAMCOMMUNICATION – If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the CRNfield hockey program, please do not hesitate to come to me and talk aboutwhatever is on your mind.  You’ll noticethe words “contact me,” repeated numerous times in this worksheet.  Please feel free to talk to your captains ifyou have any general questions or you feel more comfortable talking to them.


    4.  Playing time isbased entirely on the skill, hard work, and dedication demonstrated by theplayer on the practice field and during games. The more skilled players will get the most playing time, especially incompetitive league games.  Decisions on aplayer’s skill level, and thus her playing time, are made without regard to aplayer’s class.    Decisions about a player’s skill level aremade solely by the team coaches, and are continually re-evaluated. Only players may request a meeting witha coach to discuss playing time. The player/coachrelationship is important to team dynamics and the overall health of the fieldhockey program. The coaching staff is available to players the entire year andcell phone and emails are provided at the end of this packet.  

    5.  Players areexpected to treat their teammates, their coaches, opposing players and coaches,and game officials and referees with respect at all times.  All players must attend every practice, ontime and prepared to practice. Tardiness, absence, inattention, half-hearted effort and/or goofing offat practice will not be tolerated and will be factored into decisions regardingplaying time during games.  No player maystart a game if she missed a practice leading up to that game. Players areexpected to be at every game. 

                Often our games get physical, and we mayencounter opponents who employ questionable tactics.  While we do not back down from physical play,and we play hard for every ball, we always play within the rules of thegame.  We never let our emotions get thebetter of us.  When the game is over, welook our opponents in the eye and shake their hands.

    I look forward to having a great season with you.



                                                                                                    HeadField Hockey Coach

    2013 Council Rock North Coaching Staff





    Heather Whalin

    Head Coach



    Samantha Hay

    Assistant Varsity Coach



    Kim McKenna

    JV Head Coach




     1.       Being prepared for practice! 

    ·        Be on time to practice.  This means dressed and ready to do warm uprun/activity 10 minutes prior to the start of each practice/session.


    ·        Be ready for practice in appropriateclothing.  Soffe shorts are notpermitted.    You will be issued aCouncil Rock Field Hockey pinnie after the teams are announced.  This must come to practice every day.  Failure to bring pinnie will result inlaps.  Please invest in hard shin guardsfor field hockey.  Always bring sneakersand cleats to practice in case we have to go inside due to the weather.

    ·        Be respectful of the equipment and theplaying/practice field. Clean up after yourself!



    ·        The captains will make the equipment list so youknow what and when your responsibilities begin.

    ·        All balls should be picked up and counted at theend of practice. Captains are in charge of the total count of balls andreplacing missing balls by the next practice or game. A perimeter will berequired by the team for each missing ball.

    ·        Issues involving the trainer should be addressedbefore practice starts. Those athletes who need to be taped should do so 30minutes before each session.


    ·        Cell Phones are not to be used, out, or heardduring games or practices


    2.      Equipment- the school provides our teams with balls, cones, medical kits, water jugs anduniforms. Please be respectful, responsible and remember that we all need toshare.

    ·        Players, not coaches, are responsible forcleaning up equipment and taking it to and from the practice/game field, insidethe school and on/off the bus.

    ·        Goalies are responsible for their own equipment.They are to take it out and put it away after each use in the shed; making sureto keep the shed neat.  

    ·        Players should be mindful of their own equipmentincluding a good pair of running shoe, turfs or cleats, 2 mouthguards, a stick,shinguards (the molded plastic kind), clean socks (white and navy) and  practice pinnie.

     3.   Allplayers must be prepared for games. This includes clean game shirt, skirt,required socks, mouth guard, stick, goggles, and proper shoes.  If player is not prepared for the games, shemust notify the coach immediately. Please do not borrow from another player,unless permission is given from a coach. 

    4.   Ifa player needs to attend clinic, she must provide pass when returning topractice.  Practice will not start until3:00, so this should not be an issue. Please make sure that you are dressed and prepared for practice prior toattending meetings/clinic.  This willinsure that you are on time for practice.

      • If a player misses a practice before a game she will not start in the following game. (Unless extenuating circumstanced discussed with coaching staff). 

    5. Players must notify coach of any games they will missduring the season before the first game of the season. This must be submittedin writing with the dates and games that will be missed with anexplanation.  Vacations, family events,and other team commitments are not reasons for missing a game.


    6. North Field Hockey players show good sportsmanship at alltimes, in both games and practices. We strive to maintain our manners duringpractices and games.  The use of foul,harassing language is prohibited. Players who demonstrate rude or disrespectfulbehavior towards a teammate, coach, opponent or referee will see a negativereflection in their playing time.


    7. All players will travel to and from games on the bus.Players sit in pairs on the bus with all equipment in the front two seats.Players who need to leave an away game with their parents must notify thecoaches in writing 24 hours before the game. I will then sign the note and it must be turned in to Mr. Griesbaum and signed by him then brought backto me.  This is a BOE rule and failure tofollow these procedures will result in not being able to leave the game.  A player may only leave with a parent orguardian.  This should only be used in extreme cases.


    8. Picking up playersafter practice and away games. I understand that emergencies do happen, butplease be prepared to pick up your daughter at the end of practice.  We try to adhere to the schedule on thewebsite and we will try not to keep you waiting, so please do not keep uswaiting. We will have players call/text you when we are 20 minutes from Northfor away games.  Please, pick up yourdaughters on time, failure to do so may result in termination from theteam. 


     9. College visits.Seniors should strive to avoid visiting colleges during field hockey season.There are often schedule changes, rain delays or playoff games that throw akink into the Sept.-Oct. calendar. To be safe, players should plan carefullyand advise a coach in advance of any upcoming visits. Exceptions: Official visits to a school where a player is looking toplay field hockey. The coaching staff would appreciate a two week notice ifpossible!


    10. The Coach/Playerrelationship is very important to the healthy success of North hockey.Please respect this relationship and bring your concerns about the field hockeyteam to a member of the coaching staff in a timely manner. We can only help toremedy your concern during the course of the season.  Questions, comments or concerns cannot beeffectively addressed after the season is over, if you want to see change, youhave to address the issue head-on.


    11. Players areexpected to lend 100% of themselves to practice, games and the team during theseason. In order for our team to be successful, we all must make strongcontributions with our time, our athleticism, patience and values. Be mindfulthat your actions are a direct reflection of your coaches, your school and yourfamily. So work hard, be fair, and play the game!