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     Welcome to 7th Grade Environmental Science!
    Mr. Holm   Room B211
    Academic & Honors:
    Follow Quia Log-in instructions below.
    Quia is an online quiz program that you can use from school, home, and on the road. To access the site, click this link: Quia Website
    Your Quia username is, with a few exceptions, your first name and last name (all lower case, no hyphens, and no spaces) followed immediately by 750.  For example,  Joseph Holm's username for Science Class would be josephholm750.
    You password is your Student ID.
    If you are having trouble logging in, the most common error is using the incorrect 3-digit code (750) because you are using the code from Social Studies, Math, or another course.



    How to log-in to Fusion Digital Resources: 

    When you follow the directions below to access your textbook online, have patience, as loading this website can take a LONG time!

    1. Go to: (Chrome and Firefox seem to work best; Internet Explorer not so much; I don't know about Edge.)
    2. Select state (if you type PENNA it will jump to Pennsylvania)
    3. Select district (if you type Counc it will jump to Council Rock)
    4. Select Newtown Middle School
    5. Check "Remember me" (It will only remember state, district and school)
    6. Username = newtown2018 ---Everyone has the same Username
    7. Password = Dna2018 (case sensitive) ---Everyone has the same Password.
    8. Click Log In
    9. Click My Library -- if you see a white screen, try a different browser (...try Chrome or Firefox or Edge or Safari...)
    Honors Online Textbook
    To access your textbook online, please follow the directions below. 
    Click on the link below
    1. Click on the grey Sign In box Here
    2. Your username should be the same as your Quia username
    3. Your password should be CR#student ID  For example, if your student ID is 1234567, then your password should be CR#1234567
    4. Click Log In
    5. When the screen with the frog appears, click on "programs".
    6. To view the on-line text, click on a chapter.
    7. Select the top choice, "Student e-text..."
    8. Click "Open in new window"
    9. You now have access to the entire on-line textbook.  Use the navigation tools to access content.