North                                                                         Hello and welcome to my website.
    I am a proud former student and current teacher of Council Rock High School North.  I have sat in some of the same seats that you have sat in, and I even had some of the same teachers that you currently have or will have in the future.  This is a special home for me--CR is a home filled with wonderful memories, caring individuals, and an education that is one of the finest.  I am proud to say that I have been teaching at Council Rock North for five years. 
    I graduated with a B.A. from Penn State University in Communications and a M.Ed. in Secondary Education from LaSalle University.
     As a teacher of English and Communications, I am committed to introducing you to a wide variety of texts and providing a learning environment that will enable you to think critically about the issues that emerge in the classroom each day.  Through writing exercises, discussions, and student presentations, I hope to give you an opportunity not only to think critically, but to develop your ability to communicate your ideas effectively. I encourage you to consider audience,to experiment with writing styles, and to develop your own "voice."  Teaching, for me, is synonymous with learning.  Each year brings insightful and beautiful experiences with all of my students; resultantly, Iam not surprised by your ability to inspire me day in and day out.  I thank all of you in advance for adding to my rich experiences here at CR North. 

    Let's have a great year!
    Mrs. Esposito
Last Modified on October 1, 2014