We are Peanut Safe!


    This year our classroom is peanut free / Tree nut free. Here are some suggestions for packing a peanut safe snack.These are just suggestions and not limited to what you may pack. It is always important to read ingredient labels since manufacturers change production methods. If you have additional suggestions, please
    e-mail me and I will add them to the list! Thank you for your helping make our classroom safe!


    ·        Dole Fruit Bowl

    ·        Jello Pudding Snacks

    ·        Fruit

    ·        Vegetables

    ·        Applesauce

    ·        Yogurt

    ·        Pretzels

    ·        Graham Crackers

    ·        Fig Newtons

    ·        Wheat Thins

    ·        Goldfish Crackers

    ·        String Cheese

    ·        Fruit Snacks

    ·        Chips: Potato, Corn, Tortilla

    Special Treats:

    ·        Twizzlers

    ·        Skittles

    ·        Tootsie Rolls