• Guidance Program Components

    Counseling:   Individual and small group counseling will be provided as needed throughout the school year. Parent consent is required for students to participate in individual and /or small group counseling sessions. Topics and issues covered include, but are not limited to ... changing families, friendship and social skills, anxiety and coping skills, self-control, self-esteem, relational aggression, as well as grief and loss.

    Classroom Guidance: Classroom guidance lessons will be held a minimum of four times per classroom throughout the school year. Each grade level is assigned a theme, with developmentally appropriate lessons for each grade level. Additional lessons are available as needed to address the individual needs of each classroom. The themes for each grade level are as follows...

    Kindergarten:     I am a learner
    1st grade:          Getting Along
    2nd grade:         Friendship
    3rd grade:          Cooperation/Empathy
    4th grade:          Bullying Prevention
    5th grade:          Conflict Resolution
    6th grade:          Problem-Solving