Star Student

    Please help me decide

    What items go inside.

    Something about me

    For all my friends to see.

    What I like or do

    That makes me special too!



            Your child has been selected to bring home the “Star Student Bag” this week!

    Please help your son or daughter to complete the "Star of the Week" poster.  These will be placed in a special place in our classroom, so feel free to color or illustrate the sheets if you’d like.

    Then have your child add a family photo and a few items into the bag that are special and meaningful to him/her.  Some great ideas include: pictures (family/friends/important events/baby picture), a favorite book or toy, a special stuffed animal, and/or a souvenir from a trip.  All pictures will be in a special place and items will be shown to the class.

    Return the bag by Monday.  (If you receive this bag during a week when there is no school the following Monday, please return the bag on Tuesday.)  All of your child’s items will be returned within a week.

    We’re looking forward to getting to know your child even better!  Thank you for helping us celebrate your child in this very special way!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

                                                    ~Mrs. Melissa Lynch