• Topic 6 Keystone Practice Review

    The questions in this review refer to topic 6: DNA and its processes.

    1. Which of the following is NOT part of a nucleotide?

       A. 5-carbon sugar

       B. phospholipid

       C. nitrogenous base

       D. phosphate group


    2. Making an mRNA strand based on DNA is called

       A. transcription

       B. translation

       C. transformation

       D. replication


    3. What type of bonds connect the two strands of DNA?

       A. metallic

       B. hydrogen

       C. ionic

       D. covalent


    4. A group of 3 nucleotides read by a ribosome is referred to as a(n)

       A. transfer RNA molecule

       B. codon

       C. enzyme

       D. isomer


    5. Translation does which?

       A. DNA --> DNA

       B. DNA --> RNA

       C. RNA -->protein

       D. RNA --> RNA


    6. AATTGC --> ACTTGC would be what type of mutation?   

       A. frameshift

       B. deletion

       C. insertion

       D. substitution


    7. AATTGC --> ATTGC would be what type of mutation?

       A. deletion

       B. translocation

       C. substitution

       D. insertion


    8. Which of the following describes replication?

       A. RNA --> DNA

       B. RNA --> protein

       C. DNA --> RNA

       D. DNA --> DNA


    9.  of the following is NOT a type of RNA?

       A. mRNA

       B. tRNA

       C. dRNA

       D. rRNA


    10. What are the rules for base pairing

       A. A with G

       B. A with T

       C. A with C

       D. G with U




    B, A, B, B, C, C, A, D, C, B