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    Square of Life 2012 - Final Report 

    Prepared by Room A13 - Grade Five

    Mrs. Molishus' and Mrs. Lawall's Science Classes

    Goodnoe Elementary School

    Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    About Us

    Hi! We are fifth grade students at Goodnoe Elementary School. We examined our playground areas for The Square of Life, and we were excited to compare our findings with those of other schools!  We have a lot to tell you about our school. 

    We have 32 students in each of our class, and there are close to 800 students in our school.  Our school is grades K-6. Our mascot is the Goodnoe Grizzly.  Our school is located in Bucks County, PA, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. You can locate us at 40.235173 ° N and -74.924816° W. We learn science with Mrs. Molishus, and Mrs. Lawall is our math teacher.  During the winter we are learning about matter and elements in science.

    We have lots of fun things to do at our school.  We have a Halloween parade every year.  We have a Field Day in the spring.  Our grade gets to be in the school play, take music lessons, perform in the winter and spring concert, and do after-school sports.  We can also participate in March Madness, a basketball tournament!  One exciting that happened THIS year only was that a falcon got into our gym.  It took an entire weekend to get it out – and we had to call in a falcon specialist to help. We don’t think we will find a falcon in our squares, although they are found in our area. 

    We predict that we will find some small insects, some plants, and maybe even some trash in our squares outside.  We are wondering what things will be the same and what will be different from some of the other schools. 

    We look forward working with you.


    Mrs. Molishus’ Science Classes  


    We decided to compare our squares with the information provided by several schools: 

    What Did We Find in Our Square - How Did We Compare? Manasquan, New Jersey; Richmond, Vermont; St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada; Haslett, Michigan; Singapore; Eden, North Carolina; and Marlow, New Hampshire compared with Goodnoe Elementary in Pennsylvania, USA

    The Same
    Small investigation groups chose another school with which to compare our school squares. Generally speaking, the squares all had various bugs and insects.  Several had ants, beetles, flying bugs, worms, spiders, small rocks, dirt, grass, trees, leaves, and weeds. Some of the schools found plastic in their squares.

    While many of the living things were the same, there were some differences.  For example, while many found trees, the type of trees were different.  The number of insects might have been different as well.  Some schools found living things that we did not find, such as a gecko, snails, centipedes.  Some schools found some nonliving things that we did not find, such as metal, paper, and a fishing net.  
    Different schools from across the country and around the world have things in common. They might have similar living or nonliving things although the exact type could be different.  All schools need to be aware of the nonliving things that should not be in their play area. School communities should clean up when they can.

    Square of Life photographs taken by teachers and students of Room A13.

    To find out more about the Square of Life project go to http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/squareproj/.
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