• Topic 7 Keystone Practice Review

    The questions in this review refer to topic 7: Genetics

    1. The allele that can be masked is called

       A. homozygous

       B. codominant

       C. recessive

       D. heterozygous


    2. The genotype AA or bb would be referred to as _____, while Aa or Bb would be ______.

       A. recessive...dominant

       B. dominant...recessive

       C. heterozygous...homozygous

       D. homozygous...heterozygous


    3. A man with straight hair and a woman with curly hair have a child. The child has wavy hair. This would be an example of

       A. incomplete dominance

       B. complete dominance

       C. codominance

       D. epistasis


    4. Directly manipulating the genome of an organism is referred to as

       A. genetic engineering

       B. sexual selection

       C. natural selection

       D. artificial evolution


    5. A trait that is found on the X chromosome is referred to as

       A. nondisjunction

       B. a homozygous disorder

       C. x-linked

       D. autosomal


    6. A man who has colorblindness mates with a woman who is a carrier for colorblindness. What is the probability that they will have a child with colorblindness (sex not specified)?

       A. 25%

       B. 50%

       C. 75%

       D. 33%


    7. The physical appearance of an organism that results from its genetic makeup is known as its?

       A. genotype

       B. phenotype

       C. mitochondrial effect

       D. allele


    8. Which of the following results in genetic variation

       A. mitosis

       B. independent assortment

       C. metaphase

       D. symbiosis


    9. When setting up a Punnett square, what information goes on the outside?

       A. the offspring alleles

       B. the parent alleles

       C. the diploid chromosomes

       D. somatic cells


    10. Different versions of the same trait are referred to as

       A. alleles

       B. flavors

       C. somatic cells

       D. gametes





    C, D, A, A, C, B, B, B, B, A