Team Captains
    Our captains for this season will be Zoe Charles and Kendra Hudson.  Both are in their 4th year as track athletes for Council Rock South. 
    Zoe Charles - Another of South's strong field event athletes.  Zoe specializes in the long jump and owns the 10th grade long jump record.  Zoe had a breakthrough season last year, scoring in the 100 hurdles, 100, 4 x 100 and  long jump.  Her highlight was contributing to the 4 x 100 and advancing to the District One Championships. Zoe has a permanent smile on her face and brightens the room when she enters.  You can find her laughing and enjoying the team during practice. 
       Zoe's plans to major in architectural design or fashion, hopefully in London.  She would also like to do one year at an HBCU.  She enjoys cheering her teammates on at meets and considers the team as one big family.  Few people know that she enjoys writing film reviews in her spare time along with reading, hanging out with family and friends, shopping and watching films.  Zoe is also an accomplished chess player.
       Favorite food: burgers. 
    Kendra Hudson - Kendra is a long sprint specialist, but has the range to run from the 200 -  800.  Kendra medaled for the team last year in the 300 and made tremendous strides running the 400 and 4 x 400.  Kendra originally started as a triple jumper, but her anchor leg win in the 4 x 400 against North was the determining factor in becoming a long sprint specialist.  Kendra is another athlete with a warm smile and an infectious laugh.  She is always surrounded by her teammates and laughing is part of the workout, even when running repeat 500's. 
        Kendra would like to major in biology on a pre-med track.  She would like to stay in the state and possibly continue running track collegiately.  Kendra also enjoys cheering on her teammates and watching the team succeed. (14 - 1 for the past 3 years).  Kendra has 7 siblings ( 1 blood and 6 step-siblings.)  In her spare times Kendra enjoys hanging out with friends and family.
    Favorite food:  Tacos.