2003    First Year of Program

                Meet of Championship Qualifier

                Mimi Repak


    2004    Meetof Championship Qualifiers

                60 meter                      Ashley Waiter            

                Triple Jump                 Mimi Repak               

                Triple Jump                 Tina Grussenmeyer    

                800 Relay                    AshleyWaiter, Tina Grussenmeyer, Rachel Beck, Dana Koenig


    2005    Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                60 meters                     Rachel Beck

                60 meterhurdles          Tina Grussenmeyer

                200 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 3rdplace

                Triple Jump                 Mimi Repak – 6thplace

                800 Relay                    Rachel Beck, Tina Grussenmeyer, Taryn Davis, Ijeoma Iheoma


                State Meet Qualifiers

                60 meters                     Rachel Beck

                800 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma

                800 Relay                    Rachel Beck, Danielle Weber,Tina Grussenmeyer, Ijeoma Iheoma

                1600 Relay                  Rachel Beck, Taryn Davis, Erin Smith, Ijeoma Iheoma


    2006    Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                60 meters                     Rachel Beck

                400 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 2ndplace

                High Jump                   Sarah Fenning

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen

                800 Relay                    Rachel Beck, Erin Smith, Kat Lavelle, Ijeoma Iheoma – 6th place

                1600 Relay                  Amanda Earle, Sarah Fenning, Jacquel Matlack,

    Lauren Hollingsworth


                State Meet Qualifiers

                60 meters                     Rachel Beck – 5th place

                400 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 2ndplace

                800 Relay                    Sarah Fenning, Jacquel Matlack, Amanda Earle, Kat Lavelle

                Team Score:    11 points, 19th place


     2007    The girl’s track team traveled for the first time to “The Armory” in New York City.

                 Tory Worthen and Nina Brocavich paired up to place 2nd in the pole vault.  Sarah Fenning and Jess Loram
                 place 3
    rd in the triple jump.


                Meet of Championship Qualifiers
                200 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 3rd place
                Triple Jump                 Sarah Fenning
                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen – 2nd place
                4 x 200                        Erin Smith, Kat Lavelle, Jacquel Matlack, Ijeoma Iheoma – 5th place


                State Meet Qualifiers

                200 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 4thplace

                400 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 2ndplace

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen

                4 x 200                        Nina Brocavich, Sarah Fenning, Catie Weckenman, Sam Kuzma

                4 x 400                        Erin Smith, Kat Lavelle, Jacquel Matlack, Ijeoma Iheoma – 6th place

                Team Score:    16 points, 10th place


                National Championship Qualifiers

                400 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 11thplace

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen – 12thplace


    2008    The most impressive indoor track season in Council Rock South’s history. 

                Two South girls received All American status for their performances at Nationals.


                54th Bishop Laughlin Games(at the Armory)

                300 meters                   Ije Iheoma – 2ndplace

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen – 2ndplace


                Reno, Nevada Pole Vault Summit

                                                    Tory Worthen – 6th place


                New Balance Invitational (at theArmory)

                500 meters                    Ijeoma Iheoma – 3rd in a historic race

                Pole Vault                    Tory Worthen and Lindsey Hough, as a team– 1st place tie


                Meet of Championship Qualifiers
                200 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 1st place
                Triple Jump                 Sarah Fenning - 7th place
                 Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen – 1st place             
                 Pole Vault                   Lindsey Hough – 8
    th place


                State Meet Qualifiers

                200 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 2nd place

                400 meters                   Ijeoma Iheoma – 1st place  54.54

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen  - 3rd  place

                4 x 400                        Lauren Gregory, Jamie Vaniver, Kristin Albright, Ije Iheoma – 15th

                Team score:     24 points, 6th place

                Indoor Nationals 
                Ije Iheoma    400   4th      (Nike-Washington DC)
                Tory Worthen  PV 5th      (National Scholastic - NYC)
                                        PV 7th      (Nike Washington DC) 
    2009    A very exciting season as the team blended a new core of talented athletes with experienced upper class runners. Many distance event school and class   records fell.  A highlight was an impressive school record in the Distance Medley Relay comprised of all freshman runners.  Tory Worthen had a record breaking pole vault season with an Association record of 12’6”.  Tory also set the meet record at the PTFCA with her school record 12’6.5” jump.  She finished the season with a win at the State Indoor Championships and All American recognition at the Indoor National meets.


                Kevin Dare Invitational IndoorTrack Meet (held at Penn State)

                60 HH                         Carrie Allen – 5th place  *school record

                4 x 800                        Lauren Gregory, Claire Thornton, Liz McHale,

    Kristin Albright– 5th place   *school record.

                PoleVault                    Tory Worthen – 1st  place

                Triple Jump                 Nina Brockavich – 6th place

                1 Mile                          Kathleen Stewart   * school record

                3000                            Natalie Darr – 6th place

                3000                            Tess Lauricella – 7th place


                Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                3000                            Kathleen Stewart – 6th place
                Long Jump                  Nina Brocavich
                Triple Jump                 Nina Brocavich
                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen – 1st place  12'6.5"  Meet Record
                Pole Vault                   Tara Lockstein


                State Meet Qualifiers

                Pole Vault                   Tory Worthen - 1st place   12' 6"

               Indoor Nationals
               Tory Worthen          PV    6th  (Nike- Boston) 
                                                        6th  (National Scholastic- NYC) 
    2010    Finally!  A State Meet medal in a distance event.  The team was led by a solid group of veterans and infused with 
                some quality “newbies".  School records came in the 1 mile run by Kathleen Stewart, distance medley relay of
                Lauren Gregory, Claire Thornton, Liz McHale and Stewart.  Also, setting a school record and getting the
                State Meet medal was the 3200 relay of Gregory, McHale, Paige McDowell and Stewart.  Freshman vaulter, 
                Amanda Benninghoff, qualified for the Meet of Championships and medaled as well.  She led a stellar group of
                vaulters at the meet including Rachel Szeto and Tara Lockstein.  The all freshman 1600 relay of
                Paige McDowell, Megan Casey, Maddy Buonomo and Amanda Nicholas made a huge impact 
                in the regular Association meets.


                Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                Pole Vault                   Amanda Benninghoff – 8th

                                                    Rachel Szeto  - 15th

                                                    Tara Lockstein – 16th

                4 x 800                        Lauren Gregory, Liz McHale, Paige McDowell,

                                                    Kathleen Stewart– 6th


                State Meet Qualifiers

                1 Mile                          Kathleen Stewart – 22nd school record

                4 x 800                        Lauren Gregory, Liz McHale, Paige McDowell, Kathleen Stewart

                                                               7th place.School record.

    2011    Taylor Uzdzinski exploded onto the indoor track scene with a medal performance in every meet she competed in
                during the season.  Taylor’s highlight was a first place medal at the New Balance National Meet.  Kathleen Stewart
                was part of 4 school records during the season; 1 mile, 3000, DMR and 4x800.  A total of 6 school records were set
                with efforts by Paige McDowell, Lia Chak, Liz McHale and Lauren Gregory.  These girls lowered the records in
                the distance medley relay and 4 x 800.  Lia also established a record in the 1000 meters and Taylor broke the high jump
                record almost every meet.  South was well represented at the Meet of Champions with a record number of
                athletes; Stewart, Uzdzinski and Amanda Benninghoff won medals in their events.

                Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                Pole Vault                    Amanda Benninghoff    5th

                                                     Erin Murphy                  9th

                                                     Rachel Szeto                  9th

                High Jump                   Taylor Uzdzinski           4th

                3000                             Kathleen Stewart           2nd

                4 x 800                         MauraWandling

                                                     Kelsey Pressler

                                                     Amanda Nicholas

                                                     Lauren Gregory              17th

                4 x 400                         Claire Thornton

                                                     Lia Chak

                                                     Alexis Carroll

                                                     Paige McDowell             10th


                 State Meet Qualifiers

                 1 Mile                          Kathleen Stewart             14th

                 High Jump                  TaylorUzdzinski              7th

                 4 x800                         Lia Chak


                                                     Liz McHale

                                                     Kathleen Stewart              10th

                 4 x4 00                        Claire Thornton

                                                     Lia Chak

                                                     Alexis Carroll

                                                     Paige McDowell                20th


                  NewBalance Indoor Nationals – NYC

                  High Jump, EE           Taylor Uzdzinski               1st



    2012    Another exciting indoor season for the South team.  School records were set by Paige McDowell in the 55 and 60
                meter hurdles, Kathleen Stewart in the mile, the 4 x 200 relay of Paige McDowell, Kelsey Brady, Nonye Enogwe and
                Jorgi Algard and the 4 x 800 relay of Lia Chak, Claire Thornton, Emily Makara and Kathleen Stewart. Lia also broke
                the 1000 record.  Shannon Taub qualified for States in the high jump and was the only freshman High Jumper. 
                Medal winners at the State meet included Paige McDowell in the hurdles, Amanda Benninghoff in the pole vault and the 
                4 x 800 relay.  McDowell, Stewart and Amanda Benninghoff qualified for the New Balance Indoor National Meet in
                New York City.  Amanda placed 2nd i
    n the Emerging Elite section.
                 Meet of Championship Qualifiers

                 60 HH                         Paige McDowell                  5th

                 High Jump                  Shannon Taub                      6th

                 Triple Jump                Jaclyn Timoney                   16th

                 PoleVault                   Amanda Benninghoff            1st

                                                     ErinMurphy                         9th

                                                     Katie Hirthler                       10th

                 3000                            KathleenStewart                   6th

                 4x200                          Nonye Enogwe

                                                     Alexis Carroll

                                                     Jorgi Algard

                                                     Paige McDowell                   6th

                 4 x400                         Kelsey Brady

                                                     Megan Casey

                                                     Jess Servis

                                                     Claire Thornton                    13th

                 4 x 800                        Lia Chak

                                                     Claire Thornton

                                                     Emily Makara

                                                     Maura Wandling                    11th


                  State Meet Qualifiers

                  60 HH                        Paige McDowell                      8th

                  PoleVault                  Amanda Benninghoff               2nd

                  1 mile                         Kathleen Stewart                     15th

                  High Jump                 Shannon Taub                         15th

                  4 x 200                       Nonye Enogwe              

                                                     Kelsey Brady

                                                     Jorgi Algard

                                                     Paige McDowell

                   4x 400                       Kelsey Brady

                                                     Megan Casey

                                                     Jess Servis

                                                     Claire Thornton                        15th

                  4x 800                        Lia Chak

                                                     Claire Thornton

                                                     Emily Makara

                                                     Kathleen Stewart                      8th                   


                  New Balance Indoor Nationals – NYC

                   Pole vault                  Amanda Benninghoff                2nd EE

                   1 Mile                        Kathleen Stewart                      19th EE

                   60 HH                        Paige McDowell                      14th EE
    2013    Another State Champion for Council Rock South!  Amanda Benninghoff was undefeated in the regular season, won the Meet of Championships and won a tough State meet with an impressive performance over the Pittsburg area schools.  An unprecedented 8 vaulters qualified for the MOC.  The distance crew qualified for States in the 3200 relay and set a school record in the DMR. Our young sprinters improved every meet during the season and just missed punching their ticket to the MOC.  Our jumpers led by Shannon Taub, Sophia Khan and Jacquline Timoney were consistent placers. Freshman records were set by Emily Discavage in the hurdles and Dom Franco in the pole vault.
          School Records   Distance Medley Relay - Jess Servis, Emily Makara, Kelsey Brady, Lia Chak
          Freshman records   Dom Franco pole vault,  Emily Discavage Hurdles
          Class records         Jaclyn Timoney triple jump,  Shannon Taub  high Jump
    Meet of Champions qualifiers
      Amanda Benninghoff   pole vault               1st
      Shannon Taub           high jump               4th
     Katie Hirthler                pole vault               6th
     Kelsey Brady                800                       13th
     Emily Discavage            hurdles                   14th
     Jaclyn Timoney             TJ                         12th
     Sophia Khan                 TJ                         13th
     Dom Franco                  pv                        12th
     Taylor Young                pv                        14th
     Katelyn Deissler             pv                         14th T
     Marissa Johnson            pv                         18th
     4x 800  Emily Makara, Jess Servis, Lia Chak, Maura Wandling  11th 
    Indoor State Championships
      Amanda Benninghoff        Pole Vault       1st      12' 0"
      Shannon Taub                   high jump      10th
      4 x 800     Lia Chak, Emily Makara, Jess Servis, Kelsey Brady     12th
    New Balance Indoor Nationals NYC
      Amanda Benninghoff   pole vault 12th
      Shannon Taub           high jump  EE     4th 
    2014   Our season started off with a bang as our experienced upper class continued to improve by qualifying for States and the Meet of Champs.
    This solid core helped many of our "newbies" understand the demands  of the rigorous training involved in track and field.  We had many class
    and school records were broken during the season. All four relays qualified for the Meet of Champs and nearly made it to States.
       School Records           Long jump   Shannon Taub
                                          Triple Jump Shannon Taub
                                          High jump  Shannon Taub
                                          800  Kelsey Brady
    Meet of Champions qualifiers
              Shannon Taub           hj        2nd
              Shannon taub            tj         4th
              Shannon Taub           lj         4th
              Katie Hirthler            pv       3rd
              Dom Franco             pv       5th
              Savannah Wood      pv        10th t
              Kaitlyn Deissler        pv        10th t
              Emily Discavage       60 HH 14th
              Jaclyn Timoney         tj          7th 
              Kelsey Brady           800       7th
              4 x 200     Elaine Bishop, Emily Discavage, Haley Brong, Anna Ebert  14th
              4 x 400 Kelsey Brady, Amanda Makara, Jess Magee, Jenna Pelowitz   23rd
              DMR    Lia Chak, Jess Servis, Emily Makara, Maura Wandling   10th
     State Meet Qualifiers
              Shannon Taub        hj 2nd
              Shannon Taub        tj 2nd
              Shannon Taub        lj 10th
              Katie Hirthler         pv 20th
              Kelsey Brady         800  11th
              Jaclyn Timoney       tj    11th
              Emily Discavage     60 HH  23rd
              4 x 800  Lia Chak, Emily Makara, Jess Servis, Maura Wandling  13th 
    2016   Our team seems to find some very talented "newbies" to add to the veteran core group.  This year was no exception.  Freshman Elke Kneckt set the school record in the hurdles while finishing 9th at the State Championships.  Madison Metague qualified for the Meet of Champions in the pole vault and Daniella Masone ran some impressive races in the sprints. Kristi Boyd made great strides in her event, the high jump, with a MOC qualifier as did teammate Dom Tirendi.  Triple jumper,Julia Soufleris, missed the MOC meet by only .25" and showed poise and confidence during the competition.  Savannah Wood and Dom Franco continued our tradition of a strong pole vaulting crew by taking first in the pole vault in every DVGTA meet.  Emily Yemm had a tremendous year in the jumps as she qualified for States in the triple jump.  The distance crew ran solid and improved all season with some quality races at the MOC.  Sarah Schaefer, Emily Makara, Emily Kockott, Georgina Garvey, Brittany Gable and Liz Sauers qualified for the MOC and made the coaches proud with their gutty races.
    State Meet Qualifiers                                                             
        Dom Franco   pole vault
       Savannah Wood  pole vault
       Emily Yemm  triple jump 
       Elke Knecht    60 hurdles
    End of the year awards
       Most Improved  -  Julia Soufleris 
       Impact Athlete - Daniella Masone
       Rock Solid - Dom Tirendi
       Field Event MVP - Dom Franco
       Track Event MVP - Elke Knecht 
    2019  Elke Knecht and Siniru Iheoma both qualified for States with school records.  Elke finished 5th in the hurdles and Siniru finished 9th in the shot put.  We qualified a large group of girls for the Meet of Champions which helps strengthen the team for the spring season. The team improved throughout the season with many peaking at the final 2 meets to achieve their qualifying standard.
    Meet of Champions qualifiers
    Elke Knecht  60, 60 H, 4 x 200
    Daniella Masone  200, 4 x200
    Caroline Adamsky  60H, 4 x 200
    Marissa Kilgarriff 1 mile, 3000, DMR
    Grace Wright   Pole Vault
    Remi Acord  Triple jump
    Siniru Iheoma  Shot Put
    Ava Paulson  High Jump
    Giana Hollister  High Jump
    Katie Pine    DMR
    Madison DiPieto  DMR
    Isabela Walters   DMR
    2020  Siniru Iheoma continued to improve in her specialty.  She reset the school record in the shot with a mighty heave of 45' 4".  This placed her in the top 10 nationally.  Unfortunately, Covid shut down Nationals and Siniru was unable to compete.
    Marisa Kilgarriff set the school record in the 3000 with her 10:31.20 time and was also the anchor of the school record distance medley relay.
    Meet of Champions Qualifiers
    State Meet Qualifiers
    Siniru Iheoma -  45' 3.24"   2nd.
    2021  COVID year.  Our season was hindered by the virus and we had very few real meets.  One Polar Bear meet at CBW with limited events was available early in the season, but weather knocked out almost the entire schedule.  The sprinters did have an enjoyable meet in North's parking lot in late February.  Hanna Plantz, Ava Pepe, Lauren Thomas, Katherine Thomas and Julia Rhodes showed our sister school that South's sprint crew was alive and well.  They continued their momentum throughout the spring.
       Siniru Iheoma and Julia Rhodes did manage to get an indoor meet under their belt as they traveled to Glen Mills for the PTFCA Track Carnival.  Siniru won her specialty, the shot put, by more than 15' and set the school record.  Julia just missed getting on the top 5 list for the 400.  Her time of 60.83 placed her 4th over all in a race that featured many Spring Track State Meet medal winners.
       Princeton recruit, Siniru Iheoma, attained All American status as she traveled to Virginia for Indoor Nationals.  She was able to place 2nd with a mighty heave of 48' 10".  She missed first by inches.
    2022   Nice to be back on track.  The year was filled with challenges. The mask policy and the attestation paper work kept the coaches busy. 
    Meet of Champs Qualifiers.  Jolie Brassell - high jump 9th, long jump- 9th and triple jump 8th.  Grace Patterson 6th place award in the high jump. Reagan Metague 15th in the pole vault.  Brooke Gable 11th in the 3000. Emily Peifer 16th in the 1 mile.  the 4 x 200 of Ava Pepe, Lauren Thomas, Katharine Thomas and  Hanna  Plantz finished 11th.  The 4 x 800 of Brooke Gable, Julia Benincasa, Hannah Rafferty and Nadia Castillo placed 10th.
      Indoor State Championships -  Grace Patterson and Jolie Brassell competed in the high jump.  Jolie took home the 6th place medal.  Grace, unfortunately, rolled her ankle and wasn't able to finish. Both looked great during the competition.
    New Balance Nationals - Grace and Jolie competed in the high jump.  Grace placed 12th and Jolie finished 23rd.