• The Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop series is a systematic vocabulary development program.  It is a successful tool in helping  students expand their vocabularies and improve their vocabulary skills.  Each unit presents 20 words. 

    Each week, students will focus on 10 words.  They will  be responsible for learning the definitions, synonyms, antonyms ,  and  part of speech.  They should be able  to correctly use that word in a sentence. 

    Every week there will be a quiz on 10 words.  After the entire unit has been studied, there  will be a test. 

    Homework will be as follows;

    • Monday:  Vocabulary book;  Completing the Sentence, Synonyms/Antonyms
    • Tuesday:  Vocabulary book;  Choosing the Right Word, Vocabulary in Context
    • Wednesday:  Vocabulary crossword/ study for quiz
    • Thursday:  Vocabulary Quiz
    Every other week, there will be a unit test on all 20 words of the unit. 
    **For practice please visit the site www.vocabtest.com for review.    
Last Modified on May 30, 2018