Welcome to the 2022-23 Council Rock South Indoor Track Team.  This program is structured according to the following philosophy:

    1.   We believe in strength-based workouts to prepare for the spring season.

    2.   The program offers girls the opportunity to compete at their individual levels in meets.

    3.   The season offers girls who have attained a high level of success to participate in challenging competitions such as The Meet of Champions,
    State Championships and National Championships.
    At our regular Friday night meets, we are allowed to have about 20 girls compete.   Competition for those spots
    is extremely difficult.  As the season progresses, some girls will show potential and we will try to get those athletes into meets.


    The coaches have several guidelines or rules for the girls on the indoor team to follow:

    1.   Practice is mandatory.  We do realize that education should be your number one priority.  If you are late please bring a note from your teacher.

    2. Unexcused absences or having a pattern of leaving practice early will keep an athlete out of meet competition.  Adjust all work, baby sitting etc. so you are at practice.  Athletes who are competing on Friday should be at Thursday practice.  Failure to inform coaches of conflicts/absences for Thursday practice will affect our Friday night line up. 

    3.   Be on time for practice.  We start at 2:45 MWF and 3:00 T/Th.   We have limited daylight in the winter, therefore, we must start practice as soon as possible.

    4.   Dress for the conditions.   Most of the time we will warm up and stretch indoors.  We may also head outdoors for practice.
    Always have outdoor clothes available.
    4.   The girls who are likely to compete in meets should provide as much notice as possible if you have a conflict and
    will not be available for a meet.
    6.   Few athletes are “superstars” the first year and it takes some time to develop as an athlete.  We will do our best
    to get you to your highest level of competition and you will enjoy the progress you will have as an athlete.
    7.   We will have about 50 girls on the team.  As noted before, we need to get practice started quickly.  Please
    don’t bombard your coaches with a lot of questions/problems before practice begins.  We will always listen if it’s an
    emergency and we will take time to listen to other concerns after practice.
    8.   If you are working out on the outdoor track, run in lane 1 and 2.  Walk/jog in lane 3 and 4. Indoors, try to run
    in a single file line.  Walk in lane ½ in single file. If you hear “track,” someone is coming, so move out of the way!
    We share the track with the boys and cooperation is necessary to avoid collisions.

    9.      Athletes who are injured and unable to practice will not compete until healthy and successfully complete practices.

              If you need to see the trainer, please sign in.  Don't use the training room as a hangout place. 
    10.   Please don’t bring cell phones to practice.   You will live without one for an hour and a half.
    11. Girls running in Tyler Park should cross Route 332 ONLY at the Rock Way traffic light.
    Some athletes will stay later than 4:45 to work on weights, drills, starts or skill work in technical events.


    Best of luck to all our athletes.  We hope to have another great season.

    To contact:     Coach Worthen -- kbtworthen @aol.com

                           Coach Thornton -  joan.thornton41@gmail.com