• On Going Reminders & Information
    On Library day - books MUST be returned in order to take out a new book.
    Gym day - sneakers MUST be worn to participate.
    Practice shoe tying.
    Practice memorizing cafe code (student ID number).
    Practice zipping.
    Lunch money (cash or check) should be sent in an envelope with your child's name and teacher marked on the front.
    Homework should be done in pencil.
    Please prepare children for outside recess in the cold months.  Have them wear mittens or gloves, a jacket, and a hat.  If your child wears boots, you can send a pair of shoes in his/her book bag that he/she can change into during the day.
    Transportation changes must be in writing. Emails are also acceptable. If last minute, please notify the office. 
     If your child is absent, it is required that a note explaining the absence accompany your child upon their return. Emails are also acceptable. 
    We are not permitted to send home individual birthday invitations for your child's birthday party unless all members of the class are invited. 

    Thank you for all your support!