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    Concert Band and Concert Marching Band Page.

    CONCERT BAND is a course that is designed for students who do not participate in marching band. The literature to be studied and performed will consist of standard band literature as well as lighter selections. No band camp is required; however, the performance nature of this course requires attendance when rehearsals and concerts are necessary beyond the school day.

    MARCHING CONCERT BAND  is also a performance class.  Students in this ensemble must be able to perform a high level of high school band literature and demonstrate high skill levels. Membership is determined by course enrollment.   As members of the marching band, students are required to attend a pre-school band camp, after school rehearsals, and all performances. Band camp will begin in August.  A full rehearsal and performance schedule will be given to each student in May of the preceding year.

    After Mid-November, both of these classes will be combined to perform as ONE ensemble during the Winter and Spring Concerts. 

    This page will feature resources for the class as we prepare for concerts and performances.


    Students will be assessed and graded during each of the four marking periods.  Assessments will be conducted according to the High School Instrumental Assessment Rubric.  Categories include: Note (Pitch) Accuracy, Rhythmic Accuracy, Tone, Intonation, Playing Position, Musicality, etc.  Copies of this rubric are available upon request.  Marking period grades will be based on Attendance, Assessments, Etiquette, and Class Participation.

    Students enrolled in Accelerated Symphonic Band will be required to perform the audition solo for either District (PMEA) Band or All-County (BCMEA) Band.  Further details are listed in this packet.  Symphonic band members will acquire the solo in September, and perform the first page of the solo for the October assessments.  By the last assessment in November, Symphonic band members must perform the entire solo.  All band students are encouraged to audition.



    All scheduled rehearsals, performances, and assessments are mandatory.  Beginning in January, students in Symphonic Band, and Marching Concert Band, or Concert Band will average 3 after-school obligations per month.  Rehearsals will begin at 3:00pm and conclude at 5:30 pm unless otherwise stated.  The calendar is provided in order to give advance notice and students are expected to attend rehearsals for the groups in which they are enrolled.  Non-school related work is not considered a valid excuse given the advance notice of rehearsals.  If a student is suddenly unable to attend a rehearsal due to a family emergency, please call me at school.

    Please understand the following Attendance Rules.  Any infraction will result in an unexcused absence.  Two unexcused absences per season (Fall and Winter / Spring) will result in a letter grade drop:

    1.       Students who must miss a scheduled rehearsal must give at least one week’s notice in writing.

    2.       Students who arrive late to a rehearsal due to a clinic must present a note in advance and arrive by 3:05 pm.

    3.       Students who anticipate a sports-related conflict must present a note one month in advance so that the coaches can be contacted and a compromise worked out – usually splitting time.



    Students are expected to be attentive, stay on task, and be respectful of each other and to the directors during rehearsals and performances.  Students are expected to follow the formal concert dress guidelines for concerts when students are to wear formal attire – this will be considered part of the student’s etiquette grade.  Practice parts will be given out during class to take home, while original parts will stay in assigned folders and remain in school.  Students are expected to practice at least 90 minutes each week, which is especially important for preparing for concerts!  If a student requires additional help with music preparation, they should speak with the director.  After marching band, I can be available upon request for help during clinic.  Private lessons are highly recommended!  Referrals to private teachers are available upon request.


    Seating auditions will be held during class and will be administered in a “blind audition” setting that is similar to County and Regional Band auditions.  Seating auditions may be held in September, and again in January or as needed in the spring.  All wind and percussion players must audition.  The results of seating auditions will NOT Impact your grade!  Audition Criteria will include:

    1.       Memorized Major Scales:  To be performed in the quarter note, eighth note pattern in the practical range of the instrument at a minimum tempo of 100 bpm

    2.       Memorized Chromatic Scale:  To be performed in triplet eighth notes at a minimum tempo of 100 bpm in the practical range of the instrument.  Slur ascending, hold the top note, tongue descending. 

    3.       Sight-Reading: A short excerpt provided at the audition.  Students will have 30 seconds to study the excerpt.  They may clap, finger parts, and blow air through the instrument, but they may not play or sing.  Once time is up, they will be asked to begin.  Only one attempt is allowed.

    4.       Prepared Selection: An excerpt from the concert repertoire to be prepared to the highest level of your musicianship.  Memorization is not necessary.


    The following ranges will be used as the “practical range” of each instrument:


    Three Octaves                                   Two and a half Octaves                                Two Octaves

    Flutes    C – C                                         Low Clarinets E – Bb                            Piccolo      F – F

    Bb and Eb Sop. Clarinets F – F            Saxophones   Bb – F                            Oboe        C – C

    Mallets C – C                                         Bass T-Bone   Pedal Bb to                   Bassoon   F – F

              E above staff               French Horn G – G in Treble Clef

                                                                                                                                    Trumpet & TC Baritone   C – C

                                                                                                                                    Trombone & BC Baritone    Bb - Bb

                                                                                                                                    Tuba Bb - Bb


    1. Snare drum students will be responsible for the 26 standard rudiments from the Percussive Arts Society in lieu of scales.

    2. All Rudiments will be performed open to closed and back to open.

    3. Timpani students will be auditioned on a three drum set up. Students will be given the lowest pitch and be required to find the upper two pitches without the benefit of a pitch pipe for both their sight-reading and prepared piece.



    I am looking forward to a wonderful year of making music!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at school (215) 944 -1163, or e-mail me at jburns@crsd.org



    John Burns

    Director of Bands

    Council Rock South High School