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    Criteria for Earning a Varsity Letter


    Historically, athletes couldearn a letter in Winter Track by winning a medal in one of the indoor meets.  With approximately 65 member schools in our league, this criterion often limited that accomplishment to a select few.  In order to recognize those individuals who make a significant contribution to the team but may be unable to place in the top four in a meet,  “Varsity”status will be awarded on the basis of a point system.


    Points may be earned in thefollowing ways:


    Participation in practice – 1pt. per practice (approximately 65 practices)


    Participation in VolunteerActivities for team – 10 Pts.


    Competition in Meets – 10 ptsper meet       


    Medal Winner – 5 pts.            


    Qualify for “Meet of Champs”– 5 pts.            


    Return uniform on time – 5pts.


    Varsity award = 120 pts.


    Participation award = 80 pts.


    At the discretion of the coaches, individuals may berecognized for outstanding efforts that support the team.


    “Successis never final and failure is not fatal; it is courage that counts”


    ~ WinstonChurchill via John Wooden