What is Discovery Quest?
      Discovery Quest is an oral speaking activity that allows students to learn public speaking skills and independent research skills. Students go on a “quest” to “discover” a topic of interest and share it with the class. 



    When do I present my Discovery Quest?  


    Group                Student Numbers 1st Marking Period                                      
    1                         #1-5                                                                                         
    2                         #6-10                                                            
    3                         #11-14                                                                                                                                    
    4                         #15-18                                                        

    5                         #19-23                                                                                 
    6                         #24-28

    How do I prepare for my presentation?  Each marking period a list of suggested topics will appear on our classroom web page.  Students may choose one of the topics listed below, a current event news article, or any other topic of interest.  We encourage students to “go off the board” to research a topic of personal interest to them.  Students may use books, magazines, reference books, family member interviews, newspapers, or research tools such as the Internet to learn about the topic.

              Students must present to the class in order to receive a speaking score. Acceptable participation means that they DO NOT read their information, but they TELL us what they have learned. Students may use note cards, notes, bring pictures, posters they’ve made, or visual aid items to enhance their presentation. Students may invite a guest to speak, bring a video clip (no full movies, please) or other creative way to share their learning with the class.

              This activity should be a fun way to study something that is interesting to the student and a way to bring individual interest into the classroom. 

    How will I be graded on my Discovery Quest?  Click on link below.

     Rubric for Discovery Quest







    1. Learn more about the Lenni Lenape Native Americans.

    2.  Presidential Election

    3.  Electricity

    4.  Discover a career (grown-up job) that interests you.  Tell us all about it.

    5.   "Journeys" topic on Segregation - research one of the following people and discover the impact they made on this topic: 
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks,Thurgood Marshall, or Lyndon B. Johnson

    6. William Penn or Benjamin Franklin

    7.  A topic of your choice.  Receive teacher approval first.

    8.  Tell us about something that is happening currently in the news. 

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