•  Champs 2019





    Please see Coach Lynch in the Men’s PE office to get your pass or email at dlynch@crsd.org

    if you cannot attend.



    Attention all members of the 2021 girls track team .  Practice Begins at 2:45 on Monday, March 8th upstairs on the track.  Please make sure you have uploaded all of the necessary forms the the ATS, Sports Medicine site before the beginning of practice..  Also, make sure you bring sweatpants, and sweatshirts to practice.  If the weather is nice, we will be going outside.  Always be prepared to go outside everyday.   Not being prepared is not an excuse. Please make sure to check the Facebook page to get updates  


    For the Parents: The following are some explanations that may come up in the future.  Please read the following. Invitational-This is a competition where 8 or more teams will compete in events and we arelimited to the number of participants we can enter per event.There are several meets that are gearedtowards JV athletes, as opposed to normally for varsity athletes.We will let the athlete know at least 2 daysprior to the event. Please make yourself available for all competitions. II)Information·Website-www.crsd.org, => Athletics=>Track and Field=>Important information· Facebook-Council Rock South Track & Field=>Like the page. We will be trying to get outside this week for practice.  Bring appropriate clothing for the weather.   If all papers are not complete, you will be sent home until they are completed.  Be prepared to go outside if the the weather permits.  That means sweatpants and sweatshirts for everyone.  This is a change for many from Indoor.  Let's get ready to roll into another great season.

    Attendance- We expect you to be at all practices.If you are going to miss practice, you need to contact Coach Lynch, no one else!Do not tell a friend to tell me, do not call another coach, and do not send me ane-mail at 2:30 the day of, when you have been in school all day.Two un-excused absences will result in asuspension and any after that may be cause for removal from the team. You must be in school the day before a meet to compete in the next day event.You also must be in school by 10:45 on the day of competition to be eligible for that day’scompetition.