• Looking for some ideas to get you started on media projects in your classroom? Start here:
    Tools you can use:
    Tools available on CR elementary school computers:  Scratch (desktop version), MS Publisher, MovieMaker, PowerPoint

    Animoto - Use to create sequential stills, add text, add some short video clips as well.
    Discovery Education - Some schools have access to the tools and media found within Discovery Education, including a "board" tool to create digital posters, video clips, images, and sound effects. 
    Educreation App - Some iPads have this app installed. Use it to create digital stories, tutorials, and more!
    Glogster - for online, interactive posters   
    Google Tools - All students and teachers now have access to the many tools available within Google Classroom. This is also a great way to allow for collaboration among students in your classroom and beyond!
    iMovie - Many schools now make use of apps on iPads. Some of iMovie, a fast, easy way to assemble your live action video or photo story. 
    Microsoft Snipping Tool (found on school computers) - use to take a screen shot of all or part of your computer screen. View quick steps for using the Snipping Tool to capture images of your project! 
    Movie Maker - available on district computers.  Create live action videos or photo stories. 
    Scratch - computer programming for kids - use for animation, games. Should be on district elementary computers. Free to download for home use too. There is also a web-based version. For help in submitting a Scratch project, contact Maryann Molishus.
    Voicethread - combine text, voice, images, video, documents;  viewers can add comments.  
    Weebly - allows students to create their own web sites; teacher can monitor. Free version available. 
    WeVideo - web-based online video editor 
    Zooburst - Digital pop-up books for even the youngest students. 

    Some teachers and students have questions about what kind of projects to submit, how to include all their students, or how the Media Festival is organized.  Below are some answers to questions we have received.  If you have any other questions, please contact your school's Media Festival representative.
    Q:  How do I submit projects?  
    A:  Projects will now be submitted via the CR Intranet.  Go to the Intranet, click on "Elementary."  Choose Media Festival from the center links.  Files have been created for each school.  Within each school there are files for the different grade levels and project types.
    Q:  My students all completed the same project?  Can I submit them all?
    A:  The Media Festival rules say that "when an entire class completes the same project, please submit your 'best' 3-4 from your class. Judges cannot review all projects from your entire class. An alternate suggestion, when appropriate, is to edit and combine your class’s projects into a 'whole class' submission." If you have questions about this process, please ask your school's festival representatives. 
    Q:  I need help designing a project with my class and submitting it to the Media Festival.  Is there someone who can help me?
    A:  Yes!  Please reach out to your building representative.  Names are listed on the Media Festival Home Page. They can get you started or find additional support for you. We are eager to help!