• Health and Fitness  
    Your child's health is dependent on Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits. 

    Each year the nurse checks your child for State Mandated screening.  These screenings may include vision, hearing, height and weight.  A health report card is available upon request for all parents of students in grades kindergarten through grade 12.   The report card will contain information on your child's screening for this year as well as his/her body mass index (BMI) results. 

     The BMI Result is only a screening tool.  The child's nationality, build, and other factors must be considered.  If your child is outside the normal limits (ONL), we recommend that you check with your physician.  As always, a healthy lifestyle including proper rest, exercise and nutrition is important for our students to stay healthy and to be life long learners.

     Resources for Parents:

    Click on these websites below to find information on children's health, fitness, and nutrition.