• Questions from Students - Answered by Kids on the Block

    Do blind kids have to were glasses?

       No.  Renaldo wears glasses because he still has some vision. He can see large shapes and shadows, such as trees. Others may wear tinted glasses because bright lights hurt their eyes.
    Do Autistic kids speak normal?
       Yes. David's autism affects his communication skills.  That is why he talks different than other people.
    How do kids with disabilities play sports?
       Just like there are adaptive tools for getting dressed, there are adaptations in sports that allows disabled people to play.  For example, do you remember Renaldo's beeping baseball? The are other balls that come with beepers or bells inside that lets him hear when the ball is coming closer or going away. Sometimes,  the location of the game is changed.  When Mark plays soccer, he plays indoors.  There is a "bumper"  that attaches to the footrest of his wheelchair, I mean cruiser, that lets him"kick" the ball.
    How do you make big puppets?
       The puppets are handmade.  They are made to order.  It takes 6 - 10 weeks to make one puppet.  They are shipped with tags that says who made them.  It's pretty cool.  We do have to take care of them because they are very expensive.
    If a person in a wheel chair had to get in a car, how would they do it?
       If a person in a wheelchair had to get in a car, there are several strategies.  Mark can stand if he is supported.  His arms muscles are strong from doing physical therapy (PT)  He holds on to the door handle and pivots so that he looks like her is backing into the car.  
Last Modified on September 13, 2016