• World History

    Intro Week - Go over the following:

     World History Syllabus

    Historiography & Ethnocentrism
    Weeks of     - Syllabus, Explanation of Course
                        - What is History?, and Time
     Week of      - Geography & The 5 Themes
                        - Pre-Renaissance & Changes of the Renaissance
                        - 14th, 15th & 16th  Century Changes (Lit., Social Structure)
                        - Reformation:  Martin Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII
                                     - Printing Press:  Guttenberg
                                     - Ren/Ref Quiz
     Week of     - Counter Reformation
                       - Changes Continue
                                 - Exploration:  Who?, Why?, How?, Where?  Handout
                                          Cause & Effect:  Col. Exchange, Mercantilism, $     
                        Ren Ref Test Review   (click here)

    Week of        - Absolute Leaders:  Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Philip, Vlad, 
                                  Ivan, Louis (Bourbon Family)
    Week of       - Scientific Revolution:  Change in the way people think.
                                  - Science - A challenge to Authority & Long Standing Thoughts
                                               - Enlightenment & Revolution:  Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau,
                                           Montesquieu, Voltaire                    
                              How does change in thought lead to Revolution?
    Week of       - French Revolution:  Causes, Stages, Napoleon
    Week of         - French Revolution & Napoleon
         **Absolutism, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment & French Revolution Unit Test**
           Test Study Guide Abs, Sc Rev, Enl, Fr Rev                           
    Week of     - Industrial Revolution:  People, Conditions,
                                                    IR Worksheet
                               - Finish Up Ind. Rev. Hidden Costs of
    Week of     -  European Imperialism, Europe in War during the
                                        20th Century, Technological Advances
    Week of     - Guernica & the Destructive Properties of War
     Modern Europe Quest
    Week of        - Middle East Geography & Mesopotamia (Early Civilization)
                                    Middle East Map
    Week of      - Religions of the Middle East (Judaism, Christianity & Islam)
    Week of      - Construction of Israel & Beginning of Modern Conflict
    Week of      - Modern Middle East, Conflict & Terrorism
    Week of    - Syria & ISIS
    Middle East Unit Test - Fri. 

     Middle East Test Review 

    Week of   - African Geography 
                                                        - Africa Geography Quiz
    Week of   - Ancient Kingdoms
    Week of   - Slave Trade Effects on Africa,
                            - Ending Slavery Starting Imperialism
    Week of   - End of Imperialism Start of Apartheid
                          - Diseases in Africa & Modern Issues
    Week of   - Apartheid Africa 
    Week of  - Post Apartheid & Modern Africa
                               Project due - 
                                Africa Country Search Project
    Africa Unit Test   Africa Review
    S. Asia Unit
    Week of    - Indian Geography
    Week of    - Early Civilizations of S. Asia
    Week of  - Religions of S. Asia
    Week of   - British Imperialism & Indian Independence
    Week of   - Independence & The Partition of India & Pakistan, Outsourcing & NPT
    Week of          - Modern Day S. Asia
     - S. Asia Unit Test
    East Asia / China Unit
    Week of     - Intro to China & Geography
    Week of     - Ancient Civilizations & Dynasties
                            Fall of the Dynasties & Conflict
                            Boxer Rebellion & Taiping Rebellion
                            Imperial v. Nationalist v. Communist
    Week of    - Mao & Communist China
                             Modern China
    China Unit Test - China Review
    Week of         - Japan & Geography
    Week of         - Samurai / Shogun & Feudal Japan
    Week of         - End of Japanese Dynasties Beginning of Westernization
    Week of         - Modern Japan & Industrialization
    Week of               - Latin American Geography
    Week of               - Early Civilizations & Conquistadors
    Week of               - Revolutions & Spanish Legacy 
    Week of               - Modern L.A.