CR SOUTH TENNIS 2020                        
                   Team Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, & Expectations
    Players are expected to carefully read and comprehend these rules, expectations, and procedures. Reliability and accountability are key ingredients to being an effective member of a team. Any situations that are not expressly covered in this packet will be handled at the discretion of the head coach and the athletic director.
    Comportment and Class
    As a CR South athlete, you are a visible role model and represent the team wherever you go. Take pride in how you handle yourself and always remember that you represent your teammates, coaches and school. 
         : The USTA Code Of Conduct will be enforced in practice (challenge matches), 
                dual matches and in individual tournaments.
            : The first instance of audible obscenity, abuse of equipment, abuse of opponent  
              will result in a warning.
           : The second offense will be the loss of a point, third offense will be loss of game,  
             and the fourth offense will result in a disqualification.
          : Chronic offenses of this nature during tryouts or during the season could result in   
            removal from the match, suspension, or expulsion from the team.
            : Players MUST discuss any potential absences with Coach Scholl in advance
           :  Make every attempt to schedule any doctor’s appointments Outside of practice 
          : Senior should make every effort to schedule college visits prior to the start of the 
         : Serious year-round players may, on occasion, miss practice to work out with                            
           private coaches or play USTA tournaments.
        : Being on time means being 10 minutes early.
       : Anyone arriving late to practice MUST have a signed excuse from a teacher
      : Unexcused lateness to practice will result in extended conditioning. 
     : Chronic unexcused lateness may result in suspension or expulsion.
     : Players are not allowed to leave the tennis court during a match.
     : At the conclusion of your individual match, you should:
         : Bring balls and score cards off the court with you during home matches
         : Report scores to coach Scholl
        : Lend your enthusiastic support to teammates whose matches are still in progress
    : Players may not go home until every player’s match has been completed and coach     
      Scholl has dismissed the team.
       : The coaches should be first to know about any problems with academics, with 
           your health, or with the team.
        : I will not discuss playing time with parents---YOU talk to coaches.
       : The coaches make judgements based on performance.
       : A rotating pair of freshman will bring water to and from practice.
      : Practice starts at 2:45 and is over at 4:45, during school.
      : Players should be at courts for warm up at 2:30 on day of home matches
      : Players should meet outside of trainers room at 2:00 for away matches (certain 
        matches will require you to be at bus by 1:45)
      : Listen to announcements during school for possible changes in bus departure.