Suggested School Supplies for 2-Doheny   
                                        school buddies 
    -  a durable 2-pocket folder (for homework)
    - a pencil box or case for your desk (no larger than 5” x 8”)

     -  a backpack

     -  3-4 sharpened pencils

    - 1 box 24 ct. crayons (nothing bigger as it doesn't fit in desk)

    - Optional- 1 pack colored pencils

    - 1 pair of children's scissors-blunt tip

    - 1-2 glue sticks 

     -   1 red pen

    -  3-4  Dry Erase markers (dark colors for better visual)
    -  1 Dry Erase Eraser or a sock
    - Optional-1 small whiteboard- (no bigger than 9 X 12)
    -  One pair of headphones for Chromebooks (Dollar Store or Five Below work well)
    *****Our class will use an Assignment Book ordered by the school-Not sure if it will cost anything. *****
    Class Donations
                     We can always use-
                                     -Liquid hand soap
                                     - Roll of paper towels 
                                     - Sanitizing wipes for desks 
                                      - Quart size baggies- (I already have a lot of gallon size baggies.)
                                                Thanks for your support!c


Last Modified on August 17, 2022