• Ways that PTO/PTA/HSA's can publicize their events and
    get their message out:

    School Sponsored:

    CRTV: You can submit a .mpg, .wmv; .avi highlighting your upcoming event, or reviewing the success of your event. Just make sure you have media releases for any kids that appear and there is no copyrighted material (pictures, logos or music) used in the video. Please contact jstretch@crsd.org, the district Technical Communications Specialist, for more information.


    • eFriday Folder-Post your event in the eFriday folder. All submissions for the eFriday folder should be made to Marie Sides, Assistant to the Superintendent at msides@crsd.org
    • PTO Section of the website: Most parents should be directed here to check for information about PTO hosted events in the schools. PTO's should have a person designated to maintain their section of the website and that person can contact Jennifer Stretch at the address listed above in regards to training.


    PTO's have the ability to have their own listserv through CRSD. This is independent of the Principals listserv. You can also work with the Principal, if he or she uses a listserv, to publicize your events with one joint listserv message. Contact your Principal for more information.


    • Yahoo Groups
    • Google Sites-Free Website
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube

    You can also develop and maintain your own, outside website. This would give you the most control over your sites but there are two drawbacks to this option:

    1. When using the search feature on any CRSD website, the results will not show up in the results. This is because an outside hosted website is not searchable from our websites.

    2. If there is any question about the appropriateness of information or advertising posted on an outside PTO website, we will have to disable the link to that website. All PTO information for your school should be reviewed and approved by your principal.