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    Below is an idea for an at home optional project.  There is no due date and can be completed at any point during the school year. You may also complete this project numerous times by selecting a different animal each time.

    Learn More about Endangered Animals

    There are 4 main reasons why animals become endangered:
    a. Destruction of habitat
    b. Pollution
    c. Hunting and Fishing
    d. Exotic species



    1. Choose an endangered animal. 

    2. Visit the website below and print out the trading cards.  Then fill in the information for one or more of the animals:  http://www.abcteach.com/endangeredspecies/tradingcards.htm

    3. Brainstorm what you can do to help prevent more animals from becoming endangered. (Perhaps write letters, recycle, catch and release, etc.)

    4. Share your information with the class by creating a visual display of your information and/or creating a presentation that uses technology. 

    5.  Bring it to school or email it to Mrs. Mazzolla when it is completed.


    Have fun!!!!

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