• Senior Seminar
    Within a supervised educational setting, this senior seminar in human sexuality has been developed to enable mature twelfth grade students to discuss problems and needs in human relationships. This course encourages students to explore issues and attitudes in all areas of sexuality.  Throughout the course, there is critical exploration of various social issues.  Topics may include teenage pregnancy, rape and other sexual exploitation, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS Education), sexual orientation, contraception, and abstinence education. Students are encouraged to examine the multicultural, heterogeneous expression of values around these topics.  The course also helps students integrate knowledge of self and others with better communication skills, increased ability to manage conflict,
    and increased insight in making decisions.   Community resources, including speakers whose own experiences make them more familiar with the topic, are utilized to enhance learning and to develop awareness of the complexity of the issues.

    Because of the sensitive topics explored, parental permission is required to schedule this course. To obtain further information about the course and to preview materials used, parents are strongly encouraged to read the course information letter or contact a counselor or teacher prior to course registration.
    *This course does not fulfill the tenth grade health class requirement.
    Senior Seminar currently has approximately 150 seniors enrolled, requiring 5 sections. The course is taught by Ms. Abbott.