Any student requesting a college recommendation must submit a request sheet with the following information:
    1) Name
    2) Email Address
    3) Course(s) in which I taught you and the final grade(s) earned
    4) List of Colleges as well as their recommendation deadline
    5) Activities List (soccer, sock-n-buskin, volunteer at St. Mary's...)
    5) Characteristics or interests you would like me to note
    Please submit this request sheet before sending me links to Naviance or online requests. In the event you need me to mail your recommendation, this request sheet must be accompanied by stamped, addressed envelopes. 
    Recommendations will reflect my honest opinion of your character traits, work ethic, and potential.  I will make sure all recommendations and forms are submitted prior to the deadline but please give me at least two weeks notice.  Thank you and good luck with the college process!