• Homework Help:
    • Give your student a little down time (1/2 hour, or so) when he/she comes home from school.  Provide a snack.
    • Be sure your student has the necessary skills to complete the homework.  If you notice that the work is too difficult for your student, let the teacher know.
    • Establish the homework habit.  Once it is part of your student's daily routine, it will be easier for him/her to get to it.
    • If needed, you may give a positive reward, such as a ticket, when the homework is done each day.  At the end of the week, your student could cash in tickets for a special item or activity.
    • Homework should take approximately 10 minutes times your student's grade level overall.  Some nights it may take less, some nights it may take more. 
    • Use a visual timer to help your student manage his/her time.


    Study Tips (Textbook Studying):
    • Study student notes and study guides at least 3 times a week for ten minutes so your student is prepared for the test and doesn't need to study too much extra the week of the test.
    • Make notecards with definitions, important people/events.
    • Have your student "teach" you the information - giving them responsibility of knowing the material in order to teach you.


     Studying From A Textbook:

    The following is an organized method of studying from a textbook called SQ3R.  The letters in the method are:  Survey(S), Question(Q), Read(R), Recite(R), Review(R).

    Step One-Survey:

    • Read the title of the chapter, any subtitles and any bold-faced headings.
    • If there is a summary at the end of the chapter, read that text.
    • Look at the pictures in the chapter and read any captions that go with them.
    • Spend no more than two or three minutes doing these steps which will help give you a mind set for what will be in the chapter.

    Step Two-Question:

    • Go back to the beginning of the chapter and turn the title into a question and write it down.
    • Go to each subtitle and boldfaced heading, turn each of those into a question and write them down.

    Step Three-Read:

    • Begin reading the chapter actively trying to find the answers to your questions.
    • Read with a pencil by briefly writing down main ideas and important points.

    Step Four-Recite:

    • After reading the first section, look away from the text and try to answer your question.
    • Write down your answers using your own words and give examples.

    Step Five-Review:

    • When you are finished reading, look over your notes.
    • Go back and read each subtitle or heading and recall the major points of each.
    • Re-read your notes or any sections of the chapter that you need to further review.