Dear Parents/ Guardians,

    Hello! I am Mr. Schmoyer, your child’s fourth grade teacher! I wanted to take this opportunity to open communication that will make your child’s year a happy, productive, and successful one. I am enthusiastic as I enter into another year at Rolling Hills Elementary School, and am thrilled to be part of the school community. It is most certainly a pleasure to work in such a devoted community as Council Rock, where families and educators work together to ensure the best education for their children. This partnership that you and I will develop throughout this coming year will be crucial to the success of your child.

    I am also writing to ask for your help in starting the year off successfully. Would you help me in this endeavor by taking a moment to write to me about your child? How would you describe your child as a learner? What are your child’s interests, hobbies, and aspirations? What about your child makes you most proud? What information would help me to make this year in school one of the best they have experienced thus far?

    You may email me at nschmoyer@crsd.org or send in a letter on the first day of school. Just a brief letter is fine! :)

    I firmly believe that with your child at the center of our goals, we will have a successful partnership and a prosperous year in fourth grade! Thank you for taking the time to help me get to know your child. Your insights will help me to address your child’s individual needs to the best of my ability. I look forward to meeting you and your child in the coming weeks!


                                                                            Most Sincerely,

                                                                            Mr. Nick Schmoyer