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       Behavioral Expectations
    • Mutual respect, individual effort, and participation make this a positive environment for everyone. Refrain from using any disrespectful, demeaning, or threatening language or actions.
    • Late arrivals and early dismissals require a signed pass or note. Please enter our class and be seated before the bell and do not pack up early.
    • Locker or bathroom passes may only be used once a week per person.
    • Please keep the classroom clean. Your garbage must be thrown away before you leave the classroom. Please do not bring snacks that require utensils to class; the snack should not interfere with your class participation.
    • Cell phones will be stored in your designated slot in the classroom cell phone holder from the bell at the beginning of class until the bell at the end of class for all students. This will also be used to take attendance.
    • Do not disrupt class activities or deface class property such as students’ work, bulletin boards, or desks.
    • Come to class prepared to participate with your materials and/or assignments.
    • Do not cheat or plagiarize. Please see the CRSD Academic Integrity Policy in your handbook for more information.

      In this class these offenses are addressed by after-class detainment, after-school detention, a parent phone call, or an administrative referral, depending on the severity of wrongdoing. When an after-school teacher detention has been issued, the student has up to one week to serve it before a parent phone call and an administrative referral will be made.