• Honors 9 – Course Overview


    I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship. ~ Aeschylus

    Welcome to Honors 9 –

    It will be my pleasure to guide you through your first year of high school English! This rigorous, full year course introduces the student to critical reading and writing. Out-of-class preparation time, demonstrated competency in reading and writing, and proficiency in composition conventions are required to be successful in this course. Literature studies include selections that lend themselves to in-depth study using a variety of critical approaches. Various genres are used to introduce the student to critical interpretation and analysis; this includes utilizing the strategy of annotating text during reading. Writing pieces vary in length and complexity; modes of writing include narrative, reflective, informative, interpretive and analytical. Written pieces are assessed using the domains established by the Common Core Standards.

    An overview of the literature, grammar, writing and vocabulary for the year is outlined in the following chart. This is not an exclusive list; items may be added or deleted as the school calendar dictates and/or allows.










    The Illustrated Man (selected stories)
    Animal Farm

    Non-Fiction Pieces

    Parts of speech;

    Parts of the sentence;

    Fragments and run-ons 

    Reflecting and Expressing 

    Reflective/ Informational Writing;

    Expository Writing

    Literary Analysis

    Units 1, 2, 3;  

    Unit 4


    Haroun and the Sea of Stories 

    To Kill a Mockingbird


    Non-Fiction Pieces

    Subject/verb agreement;

    Phrases and clauses


    Evaluating Literature to Form Judgments

    Daily Entries;


    Literary Analysis

    Units 5, 6; Cumulative


    Units 7, 8


    Hidden Figures
    Romeo and Juliet (3rd and 4th)

    Non-Fiction Pieces

    Sentence Forms and punctuation

    Pronoun/antecedent agreement


    Mastering the Research Process
    Daily entries
    Literary Analysis

    Research paper

    Unit 9; Cumulative

    Units 10, 11,12


    Romeo and Juliet

    Non-Fiction Pieces;

    Commonly misused words;


    Final review

    Informing and Explaining

    Argumentative Composition; Written Final


    Units 13, 14, 15;


    Final Exam




    Grades will be recorded in the HAC system as soon as assignments are graded. I work very hard to getall work graded and recorded as quickly as I humanly can. If there is a question about any assignment, please contact me.  Email is always best – I access it on multiple devices!

    · Vocabulary is 25% of each marking period.

    · 75% is all written work, including tests, quizzes, presentations, and homework.  This will vary in the 4th marking period.

    · Research paper will count for 25% in the marking period completed (currently scheduled for the 3rd marking period, but often is on the 4th).

    · Final exam will count for 25% in the 4th marking period

    · All work is due on the assigned due date.  Assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise stated. You may not print during class; however, you may e-mail work to me prior to the due date for printing. You are responsible for ensuring that such e-mails are received.


    Attendance is critical given the accelerated pacing of this class.

    · Students who are absent are responsible forsubmitting previously assigned work and taking tests upon their return.  Students may not miss important class material to make up quizzes or tests.  Scheduling time after school is within one week of a missed quiz/test is strongly recommended.

    · Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining class notes from missed class days. You are accountable for information you missed.


    Assessments will include, but not be limited to -

    · Daily participation: in-class activities; homework; tests and quizzes on reading, vocabulary, and grammar; in-class essays/blue books; individual projects and presentations; research paper; fully processed and early stage writing assignments; fishbowl and other literature discussions; group projects and presentations; final exam.


    Clinic will be Tuesday and Thursday from 2:25-3:00 pm. I am available some Mondays and Wednesdays, so please check ahead if you need to come to clinic on those days. I am also available for early morning clinic by appointment.

    Contacting Mrs. Naroff:

    Email is the best way to contact me - cnaroff@crsd.org. If needed, you may leave a phone message for me at 215-944-1151.

    Council Rock SchoolDistrict strongly encourages parents to survey the outstanding collection ofchallenging literature contained within our program. Much of the contentpresents
    important and complex ideas that encourage critical thinking.Any connection discussed in class is made that much stronger by theconversation and connections that are made at home. We invite you to discussany of the elements of our courses with your child’s teacher.