• Accelerated Science 9

    Course Outline

    Chapter 1  Science Skills


    Chapter 2  Properties of Matter
    Chapter 3  States of Matter

    Chapter 4  Atomic Structure

    Chapter 5  The Periodic Table

    Chapter 6  Chemical Bonds

    Chapter 7  Chemical Reactions

    Chapter 8  Solutions, Acids, Bases


    Chapter 11  Motion

    Chapter 12  Forces and Motion
    Chapter 14  Work, Power, Machines
    Chapter 15  Energy
    Chapter 16  Thermal Energy and Heat
    Chapter 17  Mechanical Waves and Sound
    Chapter 18  The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light
    Chapter 19  Optics
    Chapter 20  Electricity


    ***The mid-term, in January is on Chemistry. 
           The final, in June, is on Physics.