• Thank you for consulting the Pacing for French IV regular.
    Please consult the French IV Honors Pacing.
    The pacings are parallel although assessments are modified and  diversified strategies are offered to help the French IV student continue to be successful. 
    This year, French IV students will work from the IMAGINEZ book from Vista Higher Learning.
    Listing of Vocabulary and learning/practicing key grammatical points are essential.  
    The online practices are a great way to check your comprehension and assimilation of this French intermediate level  "tout en français".
    It is a great tool: use it! You will be graded on your participation and completion of the online practices.
    Quizzes and Monthly tests are generally announced and will be assessing what had been learned and practiced in class.
    Your cumulative on line involvement from home will give you a chance to be successful.
    Students are strongly encouraged to complete the online IMAGINEZ practices as they will receive a grade for their daily participation in specific online exercises. 
    Projects and/or a short composition will help students comprehend, write, read and speak better "en Français".
    Bon courage à tous et à toutes!