• Hello!
    I hope you can join me for Back to School DAY on Monday, August 26th during the kindergarten orientation.  You will go to the cafeteria first to hear Mr. King.  I will be staying in the classroom and doing an activity with the children and getting to know them a little before the first day. 
    When Mr. King is finished we will switch spots and I will join you in the cafe and go over a few brief things that you need to know to start the year off right! Then you will be dismissed from the cafeteria to the classroom. 
    I will collect any classroom dues from those who wish to take care of it.  Just please don't hand me cash without an envelope! I'll never remember.  You can also pay online, using the PTO website and paypal.  
    Below you will find a link to some handouts that I use to pass out before we were paper free.
    Below is a link for a sign up genius for November conferences! 
    Homeroom Moms-When you are chosen please contact me...for the last few years the moms have created a survey monkey (electronic questionnaire for party sign ups and address, phone number for class list)  rather than ANY paper sign ups at B2SN and it was FANTASTIC!! They talked and collected money!