• Attendance Policies

    HMS Attendance Policy

    Please take a few minutes to review our attendance policies:

    1. In order to succeed in school, you must be here!
    2. When you miss school due to illness or emergency, it is your responsibility to present a note to your homeroom teacher within three school days.
    3. If a note is not submitted within three days, your absence is recorded as unlawful.
    4. Unlawful absences remain on your permanent record and may be turned over to the district judge.
    5. Arrive at school on time each day. Repeated lateness to school adds up to missed academic time! Remember, excused lateness due to doctor appointments, illness and legitimate emergencies must be accompanied by a note. Lateness due to car trouble, oversleeping or missing the bus will not be excused
    6. It is not necessary to call the middle school to report that your child is going to be absent. A note upon your child's return stating the date(s) missed and the reason for the absents will be sufficient.
    7. Electronic Absence Form will NOT BE ACCEPTED for any student accumulating 10 or more consecutive absences. A Physician’s note will be required for any student who has been absent for 10 or more occasions.


    CRSD Attendance Policy

    Click here to read the CRSD Board Policy on Student Attendance