• FAQ's

    What are the advantages of renting a musical instrument rather than purchasing?
    Primarily there are two reasons for renting a musical instrument for a beginning band or orchestra student. First, your child may not like the instrument that he/she has chosen and may wish to change instruments. Second, your child may lose or damage the instrument. Generally,rented instruments carry a nominal insurance fee that will cover loss or repair.

    What are the advantages of renting a string instrument rather than purchasing?

    Just like shoes, string instruments come in different sizes. If your child grows during the school year, a bigger size will be needed. If you rent a string instrument, you can simply trade the smaller one in for a bigger one. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new instrument every time your child grows.

    Why should one not purchase a musical instrument from a chain department store or discount warehouse?

    Discount warehouses and department stores often sell instruments that do not meet the educators’ requirements and therefore will hinder your child’s progress. These instruments frequently break and are in need of repair. Most reputable music stores will not carry replacement parts to these instruments and will often refuse to repair them.

    Where can I go online to purchase a new or used instrument?

    There are many sites online where one can purchase a new or used instrument. My favorite site to start window shopping for new instruments is Woodwinds and Brasswinds located in Indiana.www.wwandbw.com
    My favorite site for used instruments is www.netinstruments.com

    My favorite site for string instruments: Shar Music www.sharmusic.com and

    Southwest Strings www.swstrings.com

    Purchasing a musical instrument is similar to purchasing a car.
    Just as there are advantages in leasing an automobile,
    there are advantages in renting-to-own a music instrument.
    Purchasing a musical
    instrument is a better investment only if you are sure your child will continue
    to study the same instrument and if you purchase a quality instrument.