• 8th Grade Physical Education
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    8th Grade Physical Education - Mr. Brainard

    Grading Policy

    Each student will start every class with 10 points.  Your “10 point per class grade” is based on the following:

    1. Preparation - 2 points
    2. Behavior - 4 points
    3. Participation - 4 points

    At the end of the marking period, you will also receive a separate “skill” grade worth 40 points.  This reflects the degree to how well you executed the skills, concepts, and strategies taught throughout the marking period.  

    20 classes x 10 pts each = 200 possible points

    Skill grade = 40 possible points

    Total possible points per marking period = 240.

    *** There are 20 classes per marking period.  

    A - 216 - 240

    B - 192 - 215

    C - 168 - 191

    D - 144 - 167

    F - 143 and below

    Class Expectations

    1. Preparation
      1. Students must wear appropriate footwear (sneakers).  No sandals, boots, or slippers.
      2. Students must wear appropriate PE attire.  It is unacceptable to wear the clothes your wear to school to your physical education class.   You need to change.
      3. Failure to uphold these expectations will result in point deductions.  

    1. Behavior
      1. Not speaking while the teacher is talking.
      2. Following simple directions before and during instruction.  
      1. Students must arrive to class on time and may not leave the locker room early.  
      2. Students must conduct themselves accordingly in the locker rooms.  
      3. Students must sit in PROPER roll line IMMEDIATELY when dismissed from the locker room at the beginning of every class.
      4. Students are NOT to touch any equipment until directed to do so by a teacher.  
      5. Students are to show RESPECT at ALL times by:
      6. Failure to uphold these expectations will result in point deductions from the “behavior” grade.

    1. Participation
      1. Students are expected to participate to the BEST of their ability every class.  
      2. Failure to uphold this expectation will result in point deductions from one’s “participation” grade.                      

    Phone number: (215) 944-2645

     "Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."
    - Plato
    Why do we need Health and Physical Education?
    It is imperative that children (and adults) receive proper amounts of exercise and physical activity.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends children to have about 60 minutes of physical activity everyday.  With today's ever-changing world, our health and physical fitness becomes even more challenging to maintain.  Today, as a nation, we have an extremely high level of overweight and obese children.  Technology, video games, computers, and television keep kids off the playground and playing fields and fasten them to the couch.  Also, today's fast paced lifestyle makes it somewhat difficult to eat healthy at times as fast food restaurants offer a quick, yet unhealthy, fix.  Healthcare costs are at an all time high, and a major contributor to the problem are obesity related diseases.  We must take action now to prevent our future generations from facing the many challenges we face today. 
    Consider the following:
    Physical Activity:
    ... reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease
    ... reduces risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    ... reduces risk of some cancers
    ... strengthens your bones and muscles
    ... improves your mental health
    With all the benefits of physical activity, and the health challenges our young people face today, HOW CAN WE LIVE WITHOUT PHYSICAL EDUCATION?!?!?!
    Health and PE Rules and Guidelines: