• In Life Skills Math, we utilize a Functional Curriculum published by POPARD Press.  This serves as the basis of the programming and is then supplemented with other materials to cover 3 Main Functional Math Areas - time, money and calculator skills.  In addition to these areas, other functional areas addressed include measurement and calendar skills.  IEP Goals are also addressed although many of them fall under the functional categories already mentioned. 

    The 3 Main Functional Math Skills Areas are taught through direct instruction using a discreet trial format.  The skills are leveled and students progress to the next level when a previous skill has been mastered.  Mastery occurs when the skill is demonstrated at minimum 90% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions. 
    On the HAC, grades are inputted every time a skills is completed.  The grade listed is an average of all the sessions. Please look to the comments for each grade how the student is doing on each trial.