•                            Life On Your Own              money
    This comprehensive course builds knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors students will need as they prepare to take the next steps toward adulthood in today's ever-changing society.  Students will learn the basics for managing the many aspects of adult life, including the college experience.  Topics include financial management, consumerism, interpersonal relationships, food preparation, and decision making.  In addition, the course provides practical information on how to find a job, how to manage clothing and housing resources and how to maintain health through lifestyle management, exercise and good nutrition.  This course consists of lectures, labs, projects and guest speakers.
    Interior Design   
    Interior Design is a course designed to introduce students to the professional, technical and aesthetic aspects of the interior environment.  Students study a broad range of economic, technological, environmental, and maintenance factors associated with the design process.  Topics include housing and furniture styles, architecture, floor planning skills, elements and principles of design and influences related to interior styles.  A wide range of activities are offered in order to meet the needs of students with varying levels of ability.  Individual and team projects, research and laboratory work including mock-ups, floor plans, and color charts enhance the students' in-class learning experiences.
    Fashion Merchandising
    This a year-long course that is career oriented for the student interested in the fashion field or retail merchandising.  It includes: buying, selling, marketing concepts, studies of fashion designers and the history of clothing, as well as textiles and the evaluation of clothing.  The basic principles of design and professional merchandising techniques are stressed.  A unit of sewing is also included where students learn the basic sewing skills - both hand and machine. 
    Food Prep                        cookie
    This alternate day course covers basic and modern food preparation, emphasizing ease of preparation, convenience, nutrition, and personal resourses.  Each individual's cooking skills will be developed so that he/she may prepare healthful, nutritious meals.  This is a learn by doing course, consisting of food laboratories and demonstrations.  Students will participate in a variety of lab and activity sessions including computer usage.