• Miss Birkbeck
    A poem to introduce myself:
     Miss B
      (sister, Miss Birkbeck, mom)

    My name is Miss Birkbeck, and I am a kindergarten grade teacher. :-)

    I am a graduate of Goodnoe Elementary School and Council Rock! Actually, I have taught 6th grade in the same classroom in which I was a 6th grade student! This is my 7th year teaching at Goodnoe. In the 7 years I have taught 6th grade, 3rd grade, kindergarten, 2nd grade, kindergarten, 6th grade, and now I am back to kindergarten... yay!

    Someone once told me I have too many books. I just laughed and said, "there is no such thing!" I collect books of all types: picture books, classic books, old books, new books, even cookbooks!

    Siblings of mine include my younger brother, Zach, my older sister, Jess, and my brother-in-law Mike.



    Because I don’t have a variety of letters in my name, here are a few miscellaneous facts about me. I enjoy photography and can often be seen with my Pentax camera. Additionally, I adore inspirational quotes! I used to be a dance teacher. To me, popcorn is the best food ever created. On nice days, especially in the summer, I enjoy bike riding along the Delaware River.

    I am a huge Penn State fan! My entire family went to Penn State for college and my younger brother is a freshman there this year.  I have my undergraduate and master's degrees from Penn State, and I am on the College of Education's Alumni Board of Directors. 

    Reading, STEAM, math, social studies and especially writing are my favorite subjects to learn and teach!

    Kick-starting free time for me includes music on my Spotify, blank sheets of paper, and a colorful variety of writing/ drawing supplies to brainstorm new and exciting lessons. Did I mention I love my job? I also enjoy reading and adore spending time with my family.

    Brick oven specialties like pizza may be produced in my house from the wood-fired brick oven in my family's backyard.

    Elementary Education was my major in college, but I am also certified to teach middle school language arts, math, and social studies. Over the summer I graduated Penn State with my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Children's Literature. I just love learning!

    Coffee often surrounds me. I like to drink it, and I adore the smell.  My family even roasts our own! My family owns a coffee roastery near Peddler's Village. One can find me there often. 

    Kitchen creations such as baked goods are what I am known for in my family. I’m also known for my obsession with grammar and classic literature. (My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.)