• The Telling Time Program is an academic program taught in the classroom to develop time concepts.  Completion of this program indicates that the student can independently tell and set time using a variety of clocks. An explanation of all levels is below. Apps that are utilized on the i-devices for additional support can be found on the "There's an App for That" page.
    Level 1         Indenfication of Numbers 1-12
    Level 2         Telling Time to the Hour
    Level 3         Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
    Level 4         Telling Time to the Hour, Half Hour & Quarter After
    Level 5         Telling Time to the Hour, Half Hour, Quarter After & Quarter To
    Level 6         Counting by 5's to 60
    Level 7         Telling Time by 5's to 30
    Level 8         Telling Time by 5's to 55
    Level 9         Telling Time Concepts - Hour, Half Hour, Quarter After, Quarter To and 5 Minutes
    Level 10       Reading time in digital and analog style
    Level 11       Setting clocks and time in a variety of settings