7th Grade Health Rules and Expectations
    Materials Needed:
    Folder or 3 ring binder for handouts

    Course Expectations
    1.  Students must make up any work missed due to absence.  Notes and worksheets are always found on my website.  See Mr. Brainard during RA period for any assistance needed.
    RA Schedule:
    Monday - Friday in room 4  
    2.  The student needs to take responsibility for his/her grade.  This means checking the HAC (Home Access Center) to see where they stand in the class. 
    3.  Keep notebooks updated.  Periodically, notebooks will be checked for credit.  Notebook quizzes will be given as well.  Therefore, it is important to make up the notes you miss.
    4.  Hand assignments in on time.  Late assignments will receive deductions.  
    5.  Come prepared to class everyday.  Bring all materials!
    6.  Show Respect at all times!  Doing so will help build a positive classroom environment.  Please follow all of Mr. B's rules.
    7.  Refrain from packing up materials early at the end of class.  We will generally work all the way until the bell rings.  

    8.  DO NOT leave immediately when the bell rings.  Mr. B will dismiss you from class!