• Current Initiatives

    Restorative Practices-
    All of the secondary schools are currently receiving training in Restorative Practices.  This program is designed to assist all school staff in providing a very structured and supportive setting for students.  The framework for implementation involves all affected parties in restoring relationships whenever there are issues of wrongdoing.  Central to this process is the concept of Fair Process.  Engagement (involving individuals in decisions), Explanation (everyone involved and affected understands why final decisions are made as they are), and Expectation Clarity (new rules are clearly stated so individuals understand them and the standards and the penalties for failure) are the cornerstones for this process.  Throughout the year, we will be implementing the Restorative Practices concept with an eye toward identifying its effectiveness for Council Rock. Ultimately, restorative practices seek to enhance relationships among students, faculty, administrators, and parents, and to build a sense of community in the school. A positive school climate, in which young people feel connected, is the best environment for learning. This is our second year in this initiative.
    The Thoughtful Classroom Academy -
    We are moving into our third year of The Thoughtful Classroom.The main focus ofThe Thoughtful Classroom is - "Making Students as Important as Standards." The five key concepts are:
    1. What skills do students need to develop in order to achieve at high levels?
    2. What instructional strategies enable the greatest gains in student performance?
    3. How can we address the diversity of our students in a way that is manageable and provides an equal opportunity for all students to achieve?
    4. How can we design units of instruction that motivate learners with different learning styles yet still address the skills and core content knowledge students need to succeed?
    5. How do schools become professional learning communities that support teachers through the improvement process?
    Approximately twenty-five staff will participate inThe Thoughtful Classroom I which is anintroduction with a focus on the thoughtful classroom concept, specific strategies, & diversity that works.
    Severalof last year's participants will beginThe Thoughtful Classroom II. These teachers willengage in a more in-depth study of the thoughtful classroom concept. In addition, they will create a leadership team - experts in content, coaching and change.
    Finally, our third year participants will participate in training that will equip them to serve as coaches for the continuation of this program.



Last Modified on July 22, 2010