• The Grapes of Wrath - 2016


    2019-2020 Auditions:

    Auditions for the fall show, "The Laramie Project," will be Wednesday September, 18th and Thursday September 19th, 2019. While the show does have a substantial amount of male roles, some of the roles work both as male or female characters. Where possible, the artistic staff will consider females for roles that may be traditionally played by a male.

    Auditions for the show, "Letters" and "No Exit," will be Wednesday November 20th and Thursday November 21st, 2019.

    Auditions for the Spring Musical, "Catch Me if you Can," will be Tuesday, February 18th, Wednesday, February 19th, and Thursday February 20, 2020. 

    Audition Packets are now availble! Download one here: CRN Catch Me if You Can Audition Packet

    You can also find them with Ms. Leiggi in the Athletics Office, Mr. Carlin in the Choir Room, and Mr. Epstein in the costume shop or room 309E. You must have an audition packet to audition. Music and reading auditions will be on February 18th. The Dance Call will be on February 19th. Callbacks will take place on February 20th. Please pick up an audtion packet for more information.


    General Audition Information:


    Auditions for plays are cold reads. It is not necessary to memorize anything from the play, but it is useful to read the show ahead of time or at least read a summary. 


    You may have to learn selected songs from an audition packet that is provided, or you may have to learn 16-32 measures of a song of your choice that highlights your voice. Depending on the show, auditionees might be required to cold read a section of the script. Some shows may require a dance/ movement audition. These auditions require students to sign up for audition time slots on the Buskie Board. It is useful to read the show ahead of time and listen to the music.