• The Grapes of Wrath - 2016


    2020-2021 Auditions:

    As with all things this year, be prepared for something new! 

     Information for the fall show, and the audition process, will be coming soon. Brush up on your musical theater and your favorite monologues.

    Information for the rest of the season will be made available at a later time.

    General Audition Information:


    Auditions for plays are generally cold reads. It is not necessary to memorize anything from the play, but it is useful to read the show ahead of time or at least read a summary. Any changes from this format will be noted for each particular show. 


    You may have to learn selected songs from an audition packet that is provided, or you may have to learn 16-32 measures of a song of your choice that highlights your voice. Depending on the show, auditionees might be required to cold read a section of the script. Some shows may require a dance/ movement audition. These auditions require students to sign up for audition time slots on the Buskie Board. It is useful to read the show ahead of time and listen to the music.