• Council Rock Autistic Support Mission Statement


    The Mission of the Council Rock Autistic Support Program is to provide developmentally appropriate education with respect to communication, social, behavior, academic, vocational, and life skills in order for students to achieve their individual potential.  The program is committed, in collaboration and coordination with the community, to prepare students with autistic spectrum disorder to be productive members of society.


    Council Rock Autistic Support Guiding Principles


    Collaborative- The program is committed to working closely with families, community agencies, and the community at large.

    Student-Centered - Education is individualized via the IEP process.

    Accountable – The program is dedicated to measuring student and program progress using a combination of objective and subjective measures.

    Community-oriented- Programming is designed to improve and maximize student's participation and inclusion in the community.

    Evidence based program- Educational programs are based on a combination of proven interventions and methodology as well as IEP team educational/clinical judgment, experience, and evaluation.

    Functional- The program emphasizes teaching meaningful skills to students across all functional domains including, communication/social, behavioral, self-help, domestic, community, academics, and vocational.

    Post-graduate focused - Educational outcome includes maximizing student’s independence and vocational potential.

    AS Specific Education- Instruction is related to core deficits of Autism spectrum disorders, specifically language/communication, social behavior, and repetitive, restricted and stereotypical behavior.

    Professionalism - Staff share a commitment to excellence, honesty and ethics in their treatment of students, their communications with families and community, and in their interaction with each other.


    Respect- The program is committed to having all IEP team members treat everyone with a mixture of professionalism and warmth.


    Professional Development - The program is committed to the principle that we are always learning and will seek feedback, education, and opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills to improve the services we offer.


    Program Objectives


    Plan for appropriate Post-graduate life/transition

    Improve and develop Student Independence

    Improve and develop Student Social Behavior

    Improve and develop Student Inclusion within school and community

    Improve and develop Student Vocational Potential

    Improve and develop Student Academic Achievement