Mrs. Kaeser's Supply List 

    Individual Supplies

      • a schoolbag (large enough to hold one folder, a small snack, and a library book)  *Please label the schoolbag with your child's name
      • A pencil case or box to hold pencils, crayons, gluesticks, dry erase markers, and scissors
      • 5 sharpened pencils at all times
      • 2 black dry erase markers
      • 1 package of markers (optional)
      • 2 glue sticks at all times
      • 1 pair of kid scissors
      • 1 pack regular crayons
      • 1 box of tissues
      • If your last name begins with A-D:  1 box Ziploc bags – sandwich size
      • If your last name begins with  I-P:  1 container of baby wipes
      • If you last name begins with O-Z:   1 roll of paper towels