• English 10 Parent Letter

    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    Welcome back to you and your son/daughter. September is off to a great start! We have been very busy getting acclimated to the course requirements and the classroom procedures. Please be aware that the focus of all classroom rules will center on respect. Students will understand that acceptable behaviors are those that encourage and/or indicate self-respect, respect for things and respect for others in and outside the classroom community. I feel confident that all students are well aware of the importance of respect.
    Throughout the school year, your son/daughter will continue to be challenged weekly on grammar skills, writing skills (creative as well as traditional) and vocabulary units. Some projects to look forward to are literature response journals, portfolios, oral presentations, literature circles, I-Search Research Paper and alternative assessments for each novel to include multiple intelligences. Students will be asked to closely examine each piece of literature and share what he/she has gleaned from the reading through several creative venues. Many of these projects will be your son/daughter's demonstration of his/her understanding of the literature.
    I truly believe that in order for all students to be successful it takes the help of three key players: student, parent/guardian and teacher. In order for us all to have a winning school year we need to keep the lines of communication open. Please feel free to contact me at kirvin@crsd.org or (215)-944-1151 if you should ever have any questions, concerns or interest helping out during the school year.
    Once again, I look forward to working with your son/daughter as he/she strives to achieve his/her personal best. I anticipate a challenging and successful school year for all.
    Kelly E. Irvin

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